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Don’t bug me!

We call him “Bug Hunter” for a reason; he found this colorful critter while at Cub Scout camp.


Bokeh Rose

The other two

So, what do we call them? The Eye Family? The Occulars? These are the other two girls, which makes FOUR gorgeous chicas next door. They’re just as sweet as they are lovely, which makes us blessed! Any suggestions on how to do an actual photo shoot with all of these lovely ladies?

More amazing eyes..

I think the dad next door needs to invest in a really good shotgun. Wait.. he already has one, and I think he’s going to need it! These girls are just too gorgeous, and I haven’t even really done a true photo session with them yet. Their eyes… I just can’t get over their eyes.

Splish splash!

At the beach in Destin… how sweet it is (or would that be salty?) I feel refreshed just looking at this picture!

More than one…

Big-eyed girl has 3 sisters. Oh my.. I might never stop taking pictures, editing, and uploading.. they keep me very busy!

Big -eyed girl part deux

This is from the same shoot as the first “big eyed girl” picture. I did edit this in Picnik, using the eye brightener and the “Ortonish” action. I also cropped it a little closer than it was when I took it. This girl’s eyes are seriously amazing. (My friend Bill Neagle suggested that I use the dodge tool to bring out the detail in the left eye, so I did–thanks, Bill!)