More amazing eyes..

I think the dad next door needs to invest in a really good shotgun. Wait.. he already has one, and I think he’s going to need it! These girls are just too gorgeous, and I haven’t even really done a true photo session with them yet. Their eyes… I just can’t get over their eyes.


3 responses to this post.

  1. So very beautiful.


  2. Beautiful, both the picture and the subject.


  3. Hey there! Thanks for popping over to my decor blog! 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed today’s post. Oh, the eyes are beautiful, aren’t they? So reflective, responsive, the perfect window to a youthful soul. I hope she never loses those. Oooo, and I took your advice, and though I didn’t do it on wordpress (it’s a blogger) a have a new photography blog that I’m trying so hard to get up and running. I have to go through my pictures tonight and see what I can put up on the blog for my “portfolio” lol! (As if I’d have one … I still need to learn how to use the darned thing!!) Thanks so much for all your help and advice. It is much appreciated. Another great and inspiring photo! Keep them coming! 🙂


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