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SOOC Saturday–Brothers


My son attends a Christian school, and at the beginning of every year, we have a Circle of Prayer. Faculty, staff, students, and parents circle around the school, hold hands, and pray over the school year. It’s one of my favorite things about the school; knowing that so many have covered my child in prayer is a great comfort to me. I always take a few pictures, and this year was no exception. I snapped off this shot when an older brother came and got one of the boys from our class so he could stand in the line with big bro. Something about it touches my heart; big brother guiding little man in the ways in which they should walk. 1 John 4:21 says “And he has given us this command: Whoever loves God must also love his brother.” In this picture, I see the love.

This picture is SOOC (straight out of the camera) and is therefore eligble to be entered in SOOC Saturday, the blog carnival hosted by Melody at Slurping Life. No editing, cropping, or otherwise altering the photo; when you slide over to Melody’s and check out the other pics, you’ll be amazed at how many photos look great just as they are! Makes me almost want to throw my makeup in the trash and “just be me”… or not.


Full Moon

SOOC Saturday–No pain, no gain!

We had a cub scout den meeting centered around fitness; the boys had to do pull ups, sit ups, 50 yard dashes, quarter mile runs, and a few other events. We’ll meet again in a month to see if the boys have improved in any areas; I’m hoping that the Bug Hunter will have an easier time of doing sit ups. Cause this did NOT look like he was having fun!
For more SOOC (straight out of the camera) shots, with no cropping or editing of any kind, go visit Melody at Slurping Life. Yeah, SOOC sort of feels like going outside without any clothes on, but hey.. it IS pretty liberating to not spend time editing! Thanks, Mel…we’ll just call your place the new “nude beach”… lol!

B-52 Beetle

Oh dear.. I just discovered a new meme while visiting Adrienne in Ohio’s site. She’s the only other mom I know who actually knows about; wish she lived closer, cause I know we’d be friends! Anyway, she linked up to a meme on the Camera Critters blog, and I’ve now discovered a whole world of people who love critters as much as I do! Hurray… and hurry… over to CameraCritters for more great critter pics!

I Heart Faces–Bubbles

I’ll let the picture speak for itself this time. You KNOW there will be some amazing pictures over at I Heart Faces with a theme like “Bubbles”, so after you leave me a little love, head on over and check out the other entries.
I Heart Faces

SOOC Saturday–Bestest Buddies

Melody at Slurping Life hosts SOOC Saturdays, where the pictures are unedited, uncropped, and just as they are “straight out of the camera”.
I love this pic, taken of the Bug Hunter and his best buddy from church when they were playing at the park. What great smiles.. what beautiful eyes… what FRECKLES! Oh my word, are there ever freckles! I LOVE this boy’s freckles and might just have to write a poem about them sometime. Well, I would if I COULD write poetry. I guess I’ll just stick to taking pictures. Head on over to Slurping Life for more great, unedited photos.. with and without freckles!

Figs in black and white