SOOC Saturday–Bestest Buddies

Melody at Slurping Life hosts SOOC Saturdays, where the pictures are unedited, uncropped, and just as they are “straight out of the camera”.
I love this pic, taken of the Bug Hunter and his best buddy from church when they were playing at the park. What great smiles.. what beautiful eyes… what FRECKLES! Oh my word, are there ever freckles! I LOVE this boy’s freckles and might just have to write a poem about them sometime. Well, I would if I COULD write poetry. I guess I’ll just stick to taking pictures. Head on over to Slurping Life for more great, unedited photos.. with and without freckles!


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  1. Don’t stress about what you can or can’t write… a photographer, you say so much more without words and with your pictures alone.
    Your portrait of these two is an example of this.
    Great Capture. Imagine how the two of them will smile, when they stumble over this picture in 30 years time!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. I love it.


  3. aww…i’m a sucker for freckles too….could be because i’m also a “freckle face”!!!

    love this picture 🙂


  4. Great picture, I mean look at the subjects =)


  5. What a wonderful picture!

    I almost feel like I know them just from looking at that photo. They will love loking at it for years to come.


  6. How adorable. Hopefully they will stay friends for life.


  7. Great pic! I’m also a freckle face too (and have handed down that gene to my kids, lol!) It looks like they are definitely best friends!!


  8. Posted by dearandieleigh on August 19, 2009 at 10:31 am

    I really love this photo, Pam! There is so much character, you can tell they are comfortable with each other, and great smiles!

    Hooray for best buds!



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