SOOC Saturday–No pain, no gain!

We had a cub scout den meeting centered around fitness; the boys had to do pull ups, sit ups, 50 yard dashes, quarter mile runs, and a few other events. We’ll meet again in a month to see if the boys have improved in any areas; I’m hoping that the Bug Hunter will have an easier time of doing sit ups. Cause this did NOT look like he was having fun!
For more SOOC (straight out of the camera) shots, with no cropping or editing of any kind, go visit Melody at Slurping Life. Yeah, SOOC sort of feels like going outside without any clothes on, but hey.. it IS pretty liberating to not spend time editing! Thanks, Mel…we’ll just call your place the new “nude beach”… lol!


11 responses to this post.

  1. WONDERFUL !!!
    What an intense expression


  2. oh man….i don’t envy him one bit!!! hahaha
    it’s bad enough he has to do the sit ups but then he has his mom taking pictures while he struggles…..hahaha…..(i would have done the same thing!!!)

    great shot 🙂


  3. I love that color of blue!

    My abs are in pain right now just watching him, this makes me remember the days in highschool when the gym teacher would make us all do endless laps and you thought you were going to actually die.

    Great shot!



  4. Posted by pixiedreams8 on August 22, 2009 at 6:49 pm

    His face embodies exactly how I feel about sit-ups…BLECH!

    Wonderful Shot!


  5. Love the determination on his face.


  6. OK, first let me LOL about my place being a “nude beach”. I will if you will. 😉

    Now…love love love this image. Dude, I feel your pain because mom captured it so well.


  7. Ummm… I will, but you’ll be sorry…..


  8. LOL! Great shot!!! (So totally me too!)


  9. ha ha – nude beach. great capture !


  10. Oh, that face says it all! Good luck!


  11. Such determination, wow.


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