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I Heart Faces–Week 38–Blue

I Heart Faces

The theme at I Heart Faces this week is “blue”, and blue has never looked so good here in our neck of the woods. After weeks of unrelenting gray skies, torrential rain, and catastrophic floods, it was truly a joy yesterday to enjoy the fair under BLUE skies!
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I Heart Faces Week 37-“Completely Candid”

This week’s theme at I Heart Faces photoblog contest is “Completely Candid”. All photos entered this week have to be a spur-of-the-moment, completely candid, non-posed capture (posed shots will be ineligible to be chosen as a winner.) This was my first post on my photoblog, as an SOOC picture. I brightened the eyes slightly for the contest, and that’s it (and made a collage because there is absolutely no other way that I can figure out how to put the I Heart Faces logo on this blog!). Anyway, the little girls were playing in the water next door, and I leaned over the youngest one to take a picture. She looked up at me, and this is what I ended up with. I love her little face, and the water drops, and her gorgeous blue eyes. For more wonderful candid shots, head over to I Heart Faces and browse the other entries. The talent over there gets better every week!

I Heart Faces Week 36-Contemplating the next drink

Water from a hose on a hot day… a childhood ritual. Trying to drink it without getting water up your nose? A rite of passage.
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I Heart Faces-week 36- only a pet for this contest!

I sat for a long time and waited for this shot; she really is an amazing little bird. She finally decided that she liked the nectar more than she disliked me and my camera.
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Action Shot of the Princess Warrior

Playing with the settings on my camera, and having a fun time getting to know this beautiful bird. She trusts a little more every day (and if I wear red, she is MUCH happier about me sitting under the feeder). This is SOOC, and I love it!

The Party’s Over

First day of school, last minute of freedom. Time to turn and walk into 4th grade, my man. It isn’t just summer that goes by too quickly. It’s life.

This photo has been submitted for Week 35-Back to School at I Heart Faces via my main blog, Life by the Creek.

Crowned Slug Caterpillar-Camera Critters

Crowned Slug, originally uploaded by Life by the Creek.

God’s creativity is simply amazing.

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