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Jog-a-Thon in B&W

We had a school-wide Jog-a-Thon yesterday; it was, as Pooh would say, “a blustery day”. Still, when surrounded by kids like these, it’s hard not to have a least a warm heart….


Yo ho ho…

Adam and Thomas Halloween, originally uploaded by Life by the Creek.

courtesy of 2004. My, how my Bug Hunter has grown… (P.S. this is not my I Heart Faces entry! The next two entries are part of that contest…)

I Heart Faces-Halloween dressup-Indiana Chace

I Heart Faces

No, we didn’t take him trick or treating. But he would have gotten a lot of candy, yes? It takes talent to dress up a lizard. Just sayin’….
For more crazy pet pics, head over to I Heart Faces. Hopefully, this WILL be the only Indiana Jones gecko, though!

I Heart Faces–Halloween Dress up-Sweet Pea

I Heart Faces

Halloween dress up; around here, it usually involves fangs, skulls, and blood. BUT, thankfully, there are girls next door, so I can get a whiff of cuteness every now and then. This was taken quite a while back, but I just love the look on this sweet pea’s little face. “Why am I in this thing? WHAT is going on?” They say that Halloween is for kids, but sometimes, I’m not so sure…
Bet you’ll find plenty of cute AND spooky at I Heart Faces this week, so hitch a ride on my broom and head on over….

I Heart Faces-Pink

I Heart Faces

The theme this month at I Heart Faces is “Pink”, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month. I don’t have a lot of pink pictures, but I do have friends who have fought breast cancer. The warrior in this picture was director at my boy’s Cub Scout day camp for several summers. The year before this picture was taken, she was in training, and she was right in the middle of treatment. Apart from leaving early to get chemo one day, she soldiered on in the midst of 90-degree plus heat and a heavy workload, covering her head with a scarf to avoid sunburn. I’m sure that someday, her three boys will truly understand what an amazing mom they have; Lord willing, she’ll be there to bask in their admiration.
I’ve been browsing through the pictures and stories linked up at I Heart Faces, and they are amazing. So please, head over there now (well, after you say “hi” here!). And don’t forget to “think pink” and support the fight against breast cancer!

Magnolia texture

Magnolia texture, originally uploaded by Life by the Creek.

Playing around with texture….

Fall Festival-sweet!

I love this pic of sweet A and her brother M. They are adorable; M said afterwards that “she was squeezing me too hard!” Looks to me like he liked it!