I Heart Faces–Autumn Colors-RED!

I Heart Faces

Here’s the description for the photo contest theme this week at I Heart Faces:
This week’s challenge is all about capturing a photo of a person surrounded by the beautiful colors of autumn. If you don’t have falling leaves and pumpkins in your neck of the woods right now, feel free to enter any photo of a person that has fall colors in it (ie. red, yellow, orange, etc.)

We are all about faces here at I ♥ Faces, so at least part of the face must be clearly visible in your entry.

Let’s see: autumn colors–check. Face–check. I think we’re good. For more colorful and creative interpretations of this theme, head on over to my favorite photo website and check out the other links! And then go outside and take in the beauty of fall….


12 responses to this post.

  1. Pam! This is so good. Wow. I just love it. Really perfect for the theme. He is such a cutie! You were definitely missed at the conference. You are a true I Heart Faces fan : ) Totally dedicated! I hope you can go next year!


  2. Posted by Dana on November 16, 2009 at 9:25 am

    Yes, I do believe your Bug Hunter and my Chandler would get along BEAUTIFULLY! LOL Look at those eyes…..

    LOVE the photo!


  3. Very very nice! I love the bright red color and how he’s peeking through the leaf. The frame and background are perfect, too!


  4. Great entry!


  5. Awesome picture. I gotta remember this pose…peaking through a Fall leaf…Wonderful! Great job! (And thank you for your comment on my blog!)


  6. I love the colors and tones in this one. The smile stands out so much to the toned down background. Beautiful


  7. Fantastic shot! Wow… your work has really grown. I love this.


  8. What a pretty shot you got this week! 🙂 I love how that leaf is framing the face – perfect my friend!


  9. Cool take on the theme. The red leaf really makes the photo pop. By the time I got around taking Fall pictures, all of our leaves were dead and boring brown. 😦


  10. Posted by Arnold on November 18, 2009 at 10:56 pm

    The cute boy looks enjoying the picture taking session and it looks like he really likes the autumn. I love it. Very nice photo. Great shot! Goodluck in the competition. Hope you’ll make it.

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  11. Really lovely.


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