True Story Tuesday-The party’s over…or not?

When Bug Hunter was a much smaller fella, we had to make the decision as to whether to allow Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy access to our home. We didn’t really agonize for a long time over it, unlike some of my friends. Both Handsome Hubby and I grew up with these childhood icons, and we weren’t permanently scarred by “parental deception” when the time came to let them go. Instead, we were left with many great memories and the assurance that our parents loved us very much. So, the invitations were sent, and we even added a special elf-friend to the mix a couple of years ago.

But, I always knew that the time would come when questions would be asked, and that time appears to be now. First came Santa.

Bug Hunter had a LEGO magazine, and he said, “I’ve decided on what I’m going to ask Santa for this year”, proudly pointing out two unbelieveably expensive Star Wars sets (the Death Star–$399–really?). As I was wiping up the coffee that had spewed from my mouth onto the wall, I politely informed dear son that he might wish to check with his father, as the total of those two sets was quite high (more like “Are you CRAZY? Your dad is going to have a heart-attack!”). To which HE replied, “No worries, Mom. Didn’t you hear me? I’m asking SANTA for those.” Oh. Right. That gets us off the hook. Now what? Somehow I steered the conversation towards just how much Santa should be asked to provide for each child, seeing as how he has the whole world to cover. And then Bug Hunter asked, “Do the elves make the LEGOS, or does Santa buy them from the company?” Cue the crickets. Deer in the headlight look. *ahem* As I’m trying to come up with something to cover that, he goes on with “And why don’t the kids in Africa get Santa gifts? You sent a check so that Wyclif (our Compassion buddy) can have a Christmas gift and you said that it would probably be the only thing he gets. He needs stuff a lot worse than I do. Why does Santa visit me and not him?” uhhhhhh…….. ….
“And Mom, remember that blanket and pillow that Santa gave me a couple of years ago for my trips to Nana’s? Don’t you think Wyclif needed that a lot more than me?” At that point, I think I looked out in the woods and said something brilliant like “Oh, look.. a DEER!” I might even have made an undercover phone call from my cell to the home phone, because I just wasn’t quite prepared to answer some of those questions. I still have a little part of me that believes in Santa Claus, and so I pretty much say that, as long as you believe, he’ll come. But it’s hard to go all “Polar-Express” on your kid when the vision of a sweet little African face is swimming before your eyes….
And then, night before last, it was the Tooth Fairy’s turn for an inquistion.

Bug Hunter had a loose molar that was practically falling out of his mouth, but he didn’t want to give it that final little tug that would set it free. I remarked that I hoped he wouldn’t swallow it while he slept, and he said “Well, Ali lost one of her teeth.. I mean really LOST it, and the Tooth Fairy didn’t bring her anything! So if I swallow it, will I get anything for it?” Pffft. That one’s easy, right? “Of course you will, honey!” (Mom knows everything, right?) “But Ali didn’t get anything; why not?” Hmmph. “Because HER mom must not have an inside track with the Tooth Fairy, dear. See, there actually are a bunch of sisters, and I know Griselda real well, and I kind of know her sister, Esmerelda. I can call them and let them know what happened, and they’ll bring you a coin anyway.” His eyes widened, and I could see wheels turning. “How many sisters are there?” he asked. I looked down and thought, and he said, “I knew it! You’re just making it up! You don’t know how many sisters cause there aren’t any sisters and there isn’t any tooth fairy!” hrrrmpfh. “I just couldn’t remember if there are twelve INCLUDING Griselda or twelve BESIDES her”, I replied. “Well, Griselda DOES sound like a real fairy’s name”, he conceeded. He grilled me a bit more on things like how I called her, how she got in, and why the “fairy dust” from her wings looks suspiciously like glitter. *sigh* The tooth ended up falling out in his sleep onto his pillow; we put it UNDER the pillow in it’s special little velvet pouch last night. And, this morning, another shiny gold dollar was waiting. He forgot to even look. And, when I asked him if she’d come, he went back and, I guess, found the coin and put it with the others. But there was no celebration, or even another mention of it. I suppose Griselda is winging her way to wherever the tooth fairy goes when she’s no longer needed.
The Easter Bunny will get his turn soon, I feel sure. And we’ll be left without a certain magic that made for special mornings. But, I also know that it frees us up to fully focus (at least for CHristmas and Easter) on what really matters; trying to do double duty has certainly left the most important part with a lesser role than it should have. And in the meantime, I’ll be kept busy trying to figure out what to say when Bug Hunter hits me with other fun stuff, like Bible quotes… “Mom, did you know that on page 16, it says “Bring them out to us so that we can have s*e*x* with them.”?” Let’s hear it for Genesis 19:5 in the NIV; back in my day, King James tastefully said “Bring them out unto us, that we may know them.” Heck, I just thought those Sodomites were neighborly. Now I get to deal with a whole NEW can of worms. Somehow, it makes Santa and the Tooth Fairy look pretty darn simple.
For more True Stories, head over to Rachel and Mr. Daddy’s and settle in for some good reads. Feel free to link up if you have a good True Story of your own. And have a lovely Tuesday….


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  1. thanks pam! that actually happened a few years ago…i healed just fine. just a scar on my knee as a reminder of my stupidity! 🙂 have a great day!


  2. how old is Bug Hunter? At the point you got to the Esmerelda and Griselda, I was cracking up. I couldn’t do it. I’d have said, “do you believe or don’t you?” and then reminded him that if he didn’t believe, he didn’t get a coin. LOL i’m such a great mom!


  3. Don’t you just love these talks? I told my Rugrats that if they don’t believe in Santa then he doesn’t bring a gift. At 19 my son believes…….LOL


  4. Oh my, I never realized how different the NIV translation was. Hmmm… yeah, that could definitely raise a few uncomfortable questions. 😉


  5. You are so stinkin’ creative – I can’t believe he busted you! Loved the story and have been facing the same things around here. I mean… whether or not to even START the whole shebang and deal with the results.

    I think we’re going with St. Nicholas instead of Santa – more of a giving away theme. But I’m stuck about the Easter Bunny…

    But the tooth fairy? She’s sticking around, for sure.
    I still have a 30 year old tattered note (that looks suspiciously like my father’s neat lettering) that is one of my treasures. Heck, those teeth were hard to come by!

    Thanks for linking up – yes, the party is HERE!


  6. There’s NO SANTA!!!????



  7. AAAAhhhhhh….. Pam your story brought a smile to my face, and a memory….

    Remember Uncle Buck (the movie) with John Candy when he had to go see the principle for his little niece????

    And she had the BIG Melonoma??? and was chewing him out for the niece being a happy heart. As long as he focused on the Wart (melonoma) he was losing the day…
    But when he focused on what she was saying about children being a happy heart, he gave the best reasons for NOT wanting to know any child that wasn’t allowed to be a happy heart…

    That is why it is Ok to have Santa, Elf’s, tooth fairies, Easter Bunnies, even Griselda and her sister….LOL

    when we are children we do and act like children (rightly so) and when we become adults we put away childish things. (hopefully)…..LOL

    But there is never anything wrong with happy dreams and cherished memories….

    Loved your story… :o)


  8. We came out unscathed also, so we decided to go for the gusto also.

    What fun 🙂

    Cute stories 🙂


  9. Pam, I think that Bug Hunter should be a theologian or a lawyer or a college professor. He could hunt bugs on the side. Or maybe he and Mrs. Bug Hunter (to be) could hunt bugs on their weekly date nights. (‘Cause I know he’s always going to want to be a bug hunter in some way.)

    At any rate, you have quite the creative thinker on your hands and YOU are quite the creative thinker to keep up with him.

    Loved your story!


  10. I am with Brain….you mean there is NO SANTA?
    When did this happen?
    Cute story Pam


  11. You really need to write books. I am totally entertained by anything and everything you write. 🙂 So, I’m waiting on Blogerella, the blogging fairy (who I totally believe in), to come along and magically make my comment box user-friendly. I’m getting a little worried that I might actually have to enter into the blogging domain to fix it myself. Yikes!


  12. You are so fantastic my friend.


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