Compare and contrast

Yesterday afternoon, an impromptu kickball game broke out between the kids and dads of our home and our neighbors. I grabbed my camera and tried to avoid getting run over, kicked, hit in the head by a ball, or drowned by the copious tears that flowed from the two youngest team members (when you’re 3, you truly do feel that you should be allowed to kick no matter WHICH side is up to bat). I also played around with sun flare yesterday and today, AND I took pictures of a few written things that crossed my line of sight, as well. Oh, and one long-tongued doggie got HER mug in there, too. So, here’s a little of what made me smile:

Evening sun flare:

vs. Morning sun flare:








Sillier (OH, how I wish I had this for the I Heart Faces contest!):

Sweet, silly AND happy all rolled into one:


Sweet (no more long lunchbox notes allowed, but I CAN sneak ’em in):

Cool! (from the kid who has been saying “I HATE math” for years):

NOT so cool (but it made me giggle):

Whew.. that was fun! What have YOU been up to lately?


4 responses to this post.

  1. So I totally cracked up at the last picture. Wonderful pics and yes I wish you would have had the pic of your hubby for the I Heart Faces challenge…that has winner written all over it.

    BTW…did you hear/read? McMama is coming to our neck of the woods


  2. To funny….Love the way you set that up.


  3. Oh, there are so many things to love about this post! I really like the comparison idea and the variety of images you displayed. From a technical standpoint, your image of the pooch is a home run…so crisp, dynamic and wonderful! It was fun peeking into your life…seems like a very good one! 🙂


  4. Great pictures.


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