Saturday Psalm of Praise

At Bug Hunter’s school, the 4th graders study the Psalms and learn who wrote them and what they are. They then write a psalm of their own, and in place of a Thanksgiving feast, they do a “Psalm Reading and Brunch” in the classroom. The parents sit and weep softly as their children share their hearts, and the Spirit of God is very present. Here’s what Bug Hunter had to say:

Oh Messiah,
You are my protector and friend; You gave your very life to save me. Thank you for going through all the perils you had to go through to let me go to Heaven. You are stronger than the strongest steel and kinder than the kindest man. You know the future and you saw the past. You have no beginning or end. You made all things and without you I would be nothing. You love me eternally You let me go to Heaven even though I sin. You rule over death itself. You tell the clouds to rain and they obey. You tell the waves to keep going and they never stop. You have no boundaries or end of love. You care about the worm, so how much could you love me? Nothing compares to you, Lord, thank you for all you have given me. Thank you for my parents, who cook and work. You have also given me a house and a bed to sleep on. You have blessed me with the chance to go to a great school with a kind teacher who teaches me a lot. You gave me a fun dog and you let Kayla, Lindsey and Ronny be my friends. Thank you for letting me live in a free country. You have given me more than I deserve. It was a hot summer day. I was nine and me and my mom were going to church. I was thinking about the Lord and I thought, “Do I have Jesus?” I then began my friendship with God. I prayed that I would never leave Him. Dear Lord, thank you for salvation. “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and petition, with Thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” This is the verse that gives me the strength to do what I do. The Bible was written by You and we should not take it lightly.

Your child,

AD (BugHunter)


4 responses to this post.

  1. OH, Pam, how precious and how priceless that young man is. You have taken the responsibility of bringing him up knowing the Lord, and know Him he does. To read his Psalm is such a joy and a privilege. Thank you for sharing. I can feel his young heart reaching up toward his Abba in love, and I can feel God reaching back toward His unique and wonderful creation, extending His omnipresent love and truth.

    You must be so touched.

    And the children will lead us.


  2. Posted by Carol on November 21, 2009 at 8:23 pm

    LOVE this project in 4th grade!! Thanks for sharing BugHunter’s psalm. I think I may have to go dig out Gracie’s and re-read it again this year.


  3. I just love Psalm 139! And this is a wonderful bughunter version!


  4. Your son is a true treasure.


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