BIG sunflare at sunset..

Why yes, there was some serious sunflare agony going on over here over the past few days/weeks/month. Really.. I do take my I Heart Faces themes seriously, and this one was just hard to nail down. So, I chose the subtle picture for the contest, but this was the other contender, with BIG flare (but the bug hunter just seemed too dark). I think I could probably attend a week long “sunflare” session and still come out not knowing what I needed to do; perhaps there’s a reason why the average person looks at a sunflare shot and says “What did you do wrong? Can you take that picture again?” And maybe.. just maybe… we “artsy photog types” just need to listen…


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  1. I agree. This is a lot harder than it looks. I think the “accidental” sun flare is so much easier than “trying” to get it! Either way, your photo is wonderful and I think you caught the flare (and face!) very well!


  2. great shot. Soak it in now cause it will not be much longer it will be to cold to be out there soaking it up..


  3. This is amazing! Love how he’s holding the sun flare in his hands! Great capture.


  4. I think this is very cool!! I tried it with my son, but half of his head was missing and it looked funky. I like his expression too. Fun!

    I Heart Faces


  5. That is a terrific photo. Gotta love your boy 🙂


  6. What a fantastic capture my friend! I love it – and I’m totally impressed with your flare!


  7. Very cool.


  8. Will you send me your email address. I want to tell you something : )


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