The view from the backseat

BugHunter and I spent Thanksgiving with my mom in Tennessee. It’s not a bad drive (well, other than on the day before Thanksgiving, when there are far too many cars for the amount of available asphalt, and much time is spent sitting and pondering the dents in the fender ahead). Usually, BugHunter watches a movie, and the remaining time is spent in conversation. On the way home, however, he asked for my camera, stating that the rock formations on either side as we drove across Monteagle mountain “fascinated” him. So, I put the camera on “sports” setting to account for the moving vehicle and let him have at it. Forgetting, of course, that “sports” mode means continuous shooting, and that, to a 9 year old boy, sounds like a machine gun. So, yes, by the time we got home, over 750 “bullets” (pictures) had been shot, and an imaginary wasteland of carnage lay behind us. Sifting through nearly 800 pictures was quite a task, but it was pretty amazing to see the drive through my boy’s eyes. I do believe that it was much better time spent than if he had watched “Clash of the Titans” yet again, and I might just have to make a little photo book of his journey to leave in his stocking at Christmas. So, here’s what happens if you give a boy a camera….


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  1. That’s the only way we ever travel, so seeing all those pictures just brought back so many memories! I love that you took something so “mundane” and overlooked, and made it interesting! All the pictures were so nice!


  2. Oh my!! I love these pics. Great little photographer you have there.


  3. Some of those are absolutely fantastic! I guess he shoots like I do. Take 1000 photos and you’re bound to get at least ONE good one! 😀


  4. A lot of those sites I know!


  5. You have quite the budding photographer there! and some of those pictures were great! It is so refreshing to see what other people photograph and see what they see through their lens and their eyes. Gives you a whole different perspective on things.


  6. I love the pictures, I live in chattanooga tennessee.


  7. What a good idea. Nathan has our old, old camera, and it takes awful shots. Maybe when he’s a little older, I’ll hand him mine. I love that Bug Hunter managed to capture light flare when the rest of us have to read tutorials to figure that out. 🙂


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