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From Life by the Creek…


I Heart Faces–Week 51–Hilarious Outtakes

This week at I Heart Faces, the theme is “Hilarious Outtakes”. I’m not going to be able to officially enter; I got home too late from visiting my mom and just couldn’t get it together in time. Rats. The one contest that I actually had PLENTY of material for, and I couldn’t get it in under the wire! Oh well.. I have to put these pics out there anyway, because they just crack me up.

First is my handsome hubby, playing kickball with the kids. Ahhh… when you got it, you never lose it.. right, honey?

And then, there was the attempt at a group Christmas picture of the girls next door; this SURELY would have made a prized Christmas card, no?

I took pictures of Santa at a Christmas party that Bug Hunter was invited to, and most a couple of them were pretty bad funny:

“I got your “ho, ho, ho”, kid….”

“Where do we look again?”

Finally, at a den meeting, the little brother of one of the scouts gave me an unintentional hand signal right as I snapped his picture:

So, there could have been a hundred more pics in this post, but I’ll leave it at the five that were requested. To see some REALLY funny pictures that actually ARE in the contest, make sure to jump on over to I Heart Faces and click on some of the links. And don’t forget to smile… you just might be on Candid Camera!

From our home to yours….

Merry Christmas! (and the happiest of New Years, too!)

(art by BugHunter)

I Heart Faces~Christmas Traditions

We’ve had an “Elf on the Shelf” for three years now, and he has brought many fun things to our Christmas season. From mischief (toilet-papering the living room, making a snow angel in sugar on the kitchen counter) to memories (he brings our gingerbread house each year, and this year he put all of the candy canes on our Christmas tree), Cheewee provides daily entertainment. He helps us all to believe in the magic of Christmas with all of the special things that he brings. One of the most special came to us today:

Our elf Cheewee came back from the North Pole this morning bearing the golden ticket! It’s time again this year for “The Polar Van Express”, and we should have a perfect night for it. We’ll pack up our Bing Christmas CD and some hot chocolate to go and ride around looking at Christmas lights until we’ve had our fill. There seem to be more homes decorated this year, so we might need to pack a thermos of hot chocolate for refills. Maybe even some peppermint sugar cookies (man cannot live by hot chocolate alone!). It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…..

And today (Monday), I can update with a couple of pictures from our PVE adventure. First came the preparation of cookies and hot chocolate (and the inevitable swatting of the cookie monster…):

and then came the lights:

(there always has to be a Griswold house!)

For more posts highlighting holiday traditions, head over to I Heart Faces and click on the links! Oh, and Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah, and whatever other holiday greeting may apply to you!

Things to do during the break-Day 1

So, Christmas break is here (and yes, to me it IS Christmas break; not “Winter holidays”). I believe we have 16 days of merry-making before school starts again; SIXTEEN days. I could easily turn on the TV; BugHunter would plop himself down and rarely move for twelve (or more!) hours a day. If he had a vote, that’s what we’d do; thankfully, this is not a democracy (this is his reaction to my mandate of no more than 1 hour per day of screen time):

I’m trying to come up with things to do that are fun and keep either brain or body moving. Yesterday, my plans for a long hike were foiled by rain that just kept coming, and there came a point where watching the creek rise was just plain frustrating. And Cheewee, our elf, had already finished coloring the nativity picture that BugHunter had started at school:

I grabbed a bag of raw peanuts, some playdoh, some fabric scraps, and a hot glue gun and asked the boy to make a nativity out of them. It took quite a while and turned out to be really cute; what do you think?

Today, we’re painting rocks and playing “Go Fish”. Any other suggestions? We still have 15 days to go!

I Heart Faces–Pet Week

It’s “Pet Week” at I Heart Faces, and while I’ve posted this pic on my blog before, I’ve never entered it in the contest. It’s my mother’s neighbor’s dog, Shadow; his eyes are stunning!
For more pet photos, head over to I Heart Faces and check out the fabulous entries!

Priceless Photo

Too busy for words.. isn’t that awful? It certainly feels like it sometimes. But thankfully, I do have my camera, and at least some of the pictures are worth 1000 words. This one falls into that category…. do you think Santa was asking him if he was naughty or nice?