True Story Tuesday-Corruption

It’s time again for True Story Tuesday, and every single word in this post is true. Except for some of the ones that contain vowels. I’ll let you decide just how much to believe…
We had a very busy Thanksgiving week, culminating in the grand tradition known as “decorating for Christmas”. The second most joyous day at my house is the day we put UP the Christmas tree (and the first most joyous? You guessed it.. the day it comes DOWN!). We (Bughunter) picked a rather large live tree this year that required a little trimming on both top and bottom to fit in the house (but that’s not the story…). Here’s the majestic beauty in all it’s sparkling splendor:

It’s decorated with a hodgepodge of ornaments, from all of the ones created by BugHunter since he was a toddler to this ornament given to me by my dad when I was in college:

I also have a variety of nativity scenes, including this “folk art” one made of cloth figures (isn’t Baby Jesus just the cutest thing?):

But one of my favorite traditions, now in it’s third year, is the appearance of our elf buddy, Cheewee. He shows up the day after Thanksgiving and stays til Christmas Eve, and as BugHunter says, “he’s pretty sly”. He brings fun little goodies like crafts and gingerbread house kits that we can do together, but he also gets into a wee bit of mischief. Like the time he toilet-papered the great room, and the time he made a snow angel in some sugar that he spilled on the counter. He also loves to mooch candy.. this morning we found him with a half eaten peppermint and several empty wrappers scattered around. But my biggest concern this year was the possibility of an “elf beatdown”. If you follow the blog “Stuff Christians Like”, you’re probably familiar with the terrible collision of cultures between the nativity figures and the Elf on the Shelf. If not, go here before you read any further.
So I’m a little concerned about Cheewee mixing it up with any of the Wise Men or shepherds, so they primarily stay in different rooms in the house. But that folk art nativity? I figured it was pretty safe. It only has Mary, Joesph, Baby Jesus, and an angel; I figure they’re all going to be pretty kind to the interloping elf. What I DIDN’T factor in was the fact that Cheewee must have been hanging out with some unsavory characters at the North Pole during the past year. Really; I didn’t even think that instead of a Biblical beatdown, we could end up with secular corruption. But yesterday morning, when we got up and started the elf hunt, I was horrified to discover this scene:

What to do, friends? Joseph, earthly father of Jesus, has been pulled into billiards betting; just another pool hall shark. Oh, go ahead and laugh if you must. But then, if you know an effective way to intervene, I implore you to share, before the shepherds catch wind of what’s going on and find their way to where Cheewee is. The beating that will ensue… oh, the horror…

For more true (and truER) stories, don’t forget to head over to Once Upon a Miracle and check out what Rachel and her other buddies have to say! And may your holidays be merry and bright….


8 responses to this post.

  1. Good Golly I am totally cracking up. For shame! Whoever woulda thunk? Now that Joseph’s been turned, it’s only a matter of time before we catch Mary at the slots…

    (Thanks for the laughter that is now keeping my should-be-napping kid awake – loved this post!)


  2. I think this has now become a favorite classic Christmas tale. Well done my friend, well done.


  3. Oh my word that is hilarious! I love SCL and was laughing as I read this morning’s post! Your post added just the perfect touch to get me giggling again! 😀


  4. Love the mischievous elf tradition…Very fun. I could really get into that! And LOL–I agree: Most joyous day of the year is the day the tree comes down! 🙂


  5. You truly make me smile, love you sweetie.


  6. Posted by Pam on December 2, 2009 at 11:44 am

    To funny. You are a total nut, but I love reading your blogs.


  7. I do like the elves 🙂

    your pix are so cute!


  8. You are so funny Pam : ) I keep thinking I should participate in true story tuesday. Espescially if it would give me one more time each week to visit with you : )


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