Christmas beauty

Several weeks ago, my wonderful next door neighbor asked if I would take pictures of her girls today; the two oldest were dancing in a show at their school, and she planned to put the two youngest in their Christmas dresses. Of course, I jumped at the chance, but I didn’t really ask for details. Yesterday, she emailed to say that they had to be at the school at 9:30, so could I come over by 8:45 to take pictures? And then it hit me; these would be INDOOR pictures, early in the day, on a day when very little sun would be around (we actually had snow flurries while I was shooting the girls). All of that added up to FLASH… yikes! I do have a flash that tilts to be able to bounce it, but I have NEVER used it (thank you, I Heart Faces, for my addiction to natural light photography….). I went over this morning with great anxiety, and I’m not absolutely in love with the pictures that I took. BUT.. it was my first time using the flash, and we were in a hurry since the girls needed to finish getting ready for their show. All in all, I ended up with a decent collage for their Christmas card. What made it all worth it was the looks on the girls’ faces when they saw the finished product. They loved it.. and that’s what really matters to me!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Beautiful.


  2. Pam! You did a really wonderful job! The girls are so gorgeous! I love the card. And I love that you worked with what you had and did OUTSTANDING! I love flash. Drew gets very mad at me : )


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