Things to do during the break-Day 1

So, Christmas break is here (and yes, to me it IS Christmas break; not “Winter holidays”). I believe we have 16 days of merry-making before school starts again; SIXTEEN days. I could easily turn on the TV; BugHunter would plop himself down and rarely move for twelve (or more!) hours a day. If he had a vote, that’s what we’d do; thankfully, this is not a democracy (this is his reaction to my mandate of no more than 1 hour per day of screen time):

I’m trying to come up with things to do that are fun and keep either brain or body moving. Yesterday, my plans for a long hike were foiled by rain that just kept coming, and there came a point where watching the creek rise was just plain frustrating. And Cheewee, our elf, had already finished coloring the nativity picture that BugHunter had started at school:

I grabbed a bag of raw peanuts, some playdoh, some fabric scraps, and a hot glue gun and asked the boy to make a nativity out of them. It took quite a while and turned out to be really cute; what do you think?

Today, we’re painting rocks and playing “Go Fish”. Any other suggestions? We still have 15 days to go!


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  1. Hi Pam! I think a lot of people are in the same boat, especially when it is cold and wet outside and it isn’t like the kids can just easily go outside to play. One thing that my kids will be doing, is I bought foam frames from a local craft store, and foam stickers to go on them. I went on Thursday and printed off a few copies of a picture of my boys, and they will be decorating the framed pictures of themselves for Christmas gifts for all their aunts and uncles! We go to the library, make christmas cookies, play dates with friends……. board games, Legos. That is about all I can come up with right now!


  2. Awesome pictures.


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