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IHF Fix it Friday #42-Texture

Here we go again with texture. And you know what? I am finally starting to figure out some stuff; when I finally get Elements loaded and start playing, at least I’m going to know where the playground is! Really, I feel like at least a few things are falling into place in terms of understanding the tools and methods to get things accomplished. I used Microsoft Digital Image Suite to edit Angie’s beautiful picture, and while I haven’t yet figured out how to upload custom textures, I still was able to find a couple of fun things in there. I’ve learned how to use the edge finder tool, and how to then mark off the background area and use the filters to add background texture. I did two edits; a color one with a sort of bokeh-ish look, and a black and white with torn edges and a little “old paper” texture. And I had fun.. and now I want to play some more! Thanks again, Amy and Angie, for continuing to stretch us and get us to try new things. This old dog is finding out that she LIKES learning new tricks!

First, here’s the original and beautiful photo, taken by Angie:

Next is the color edit:

and the black and white:

Head over to I Heart Faces and check out the many beautiful and creative edits done by contributors and the other folks who linked up. You just might learn a thing or two; I know I did!


True Story Tuesday–Shhh…..

It’s time for True Story Tuesday, where confession may be good for the soul but not for the reputation. And this week, I’m telling on my boy (and putting it on my WordPress blog instead of blogger for a reason; my blogger blog links to Facebook, and I DON’T want this going out to everyone that knows him!). First things first; I’ve decided to stop using the Bughunter moniker and just call my boy by his real name. He’s nearly 10, and his bughunting days are far fewer now. So, I’m going to let him “grow up” a little here and call him Adam; I hope it isn’t too confusing!
In my last post, I congratulated Adam on winning a medal at his latest wrestling tournament; it really was a big moment for him. But, I didn’t tell the “rest of the story”, which actually made me prouder of him but could cause a lot of grief from his friends if they know. Before the tournament started, the coach came up to me and told me that Adam would be wrestling a … GIRL… in his first match. I had already pulled his matrix and saw the name “Sabra”, so I had a suspicion; still, I felt pretty queasy. The coach had actually ref’d a couple of her matches at another tournament, and he said she was really tough. I debated on telling Adam and decided that he’d better know what he was facing. He was pretty horrified, and I was pretty torn. I’ve spent the last 8 years trying to train my boy to be nice to girls, and now he has to fight one? How does he do that? Finally, his dad and I told him that, since she chose to wrestle, she chose to be “one of the guys” and therefore should be treated in exactly that manner. Still, I think it freaked him out to shake hands with a girl and then try to muscle her to the mat. And she WAS really strong and had obviously wrestled in a LOT more tournaments than Adam. She beat him on points (but thank you God, she did NOT pin him!). Beat by a girl; I really thought that he’d be finished for the tournament. Honestly, I wouldn’t have been surprised to hear him say that he wanted to leave. But no, I think it lit a fire under him. The boy he wrestled in the second match was definitely more experienced, yet he was able to nearly pin him. And in the third match, he dominated and won; first time to win a match and first pin. So, I guess in the end it was GOOD that he wrestled the girl, but I’m finding that I can’t even bear to tell my friends that she beat him! Question to those of you who have girls; would you encourage them to participate in a full-body contact sport like wrestling, especially co-ed? I just can’t imagine WANTING my girl to have her hands all over a boy and vice-versa; I don’t care if they are just 10. And what about as they get older? What do YOU think?

For more True Stories (oh, Rachel… you SO busted yourself this time!), head over to Rachel’s and Mr. Daddy’s spot at Once Upon a Miracle. And do me a favor.. if you ever meet Adam… PLEASE don’t tell him that I told you about the girl…..

Texture–I Heart Faces week 4

Not sure whether to enter this in I Heart Faces or not. There are several different textures, from her hat to her hoodie to her sweater, and I finally found a way to add texture to the background through Microsoft Digital Image. (I’m really sorry, Shana Rae; I would love to learn how to use your textures, but first I have to get a new computer up and running so I can get PSE installed). I wasn’t going to enter, but that’s almost like saying I’m not going to breathe for a week. So, I guess I’ll link up; at least I can send you over to I Heart Faces to look at some truly amazing texture photos. Really… you need to go look; I have no idea how they do it, but some of the pictures are like fine art!


I am SO proud of my boy. He’s been wrestling since November, and he was in his third tournament today. And today, something clicked; after losing every round of every match up til then, he suddenly turned his opponent over and WOULD have had a pin if he hadn’t had his hand under the boy’s shoulder blade. And in his last match, he got 2 pins and won it, giving him 3rd place and a bronze medal. It takes a lot of courage to walk into the middle of a ring, in front of a bleacher full of people, and go one-on-one with an opponent. No excuses; it’s just you and him. This is Adam’s first time playing a sport (other than T-ball, which was mainly all about the snacks afterwards), and he picked a tough one. Way to go, son… you’re a warrior in my eyes, and today you took a big step towards becoming a man.

I Heart Faces Week 3-We are family….

Here’s the description from IHF for their latest challenge:

Let’s celebrate families this week!

It doesn’t matter to us at all if your photo represents a “traditional” family or a “non-traditional” family. We are looking for photos that show off a cool way to capture a family together…be fun, creative, unique and enter the most awesome photo you can! We would also like each photo entry to have at least one (1) adult in it and even possibly a wide variety of ages represented.

What we don’t want to see?? A photo with just children in it.

This is my brother with his first grandchild. No words needed.
Head over to I Heart Faces for more great family photos! (could you leave a little love first, though? Thanks SO much!)

True Story Tuesday–Boy and Glue

It’s time again for True Story Tuesday, the only place besides I Heart Faces where I share “linky love”. Rachel and Mr. Daddy always have the BEST stories over there, and their “linkers” do, too. So when you’re done here.. please go there for more and better laughs.

If you give a boy a tube of glue…..

he’s going to make a castle:

And when he makes that castle, he’s going to want to make it bigger

and better….

and cooler

Waaaaaay cooler…

And when he is finally done:

No, I mean REALLY done:

He will run off to play, and leave the cap off of the glue!

And if he does that, then a little blob of glue will harden in the nozzle. And when a mom comes along and notices that the cap is off? She WILL squeeze the glue to see if it has hardened. And when it has, she will squeeze a little harder to see if it will unclog. And when she squeezes that glue, it WILL unplug and send a nice, thick stream of glue RIGHT INTO HER HAIR! Oh yes, he did, and I did, and it did. And so I have spent the better part of last night and today picking cement out of my hairline. Which is WHY, when the mom writes this story the NEXT time? She will start it with “If you give a boy a glueSTICK……..”

I Heart Faces-Week 2-Face photo and Birthday Celebration!

It’s a birthday bash for I Heart Faces all week this week; lots of fun stuff going on over there, so make sure to head over and check it all out! (Don’t you love their new logo? Amy Locurto, one half of the IHF team, is also a brilliant graphic artist; I love how she integrated a camera into the logo!)

This site means so much to me; when I made my first post I had no idea of the odyssey that was in store for me. I have grown SO much since then (and still have so far to go); I bought a new camera in April (Canon Rebel XSi), and then I asked for new lens for my birthday in July (50mm 1.4… sweet!). I now have a laundry list of things that I’d love to have to improve my photography; the new computer should be here SOME DAY, and then I’ll have Photoshop Elements. And more lenses are in the future, along with a better flash and who knows what else.
But, even more than the photographic skills that I’m aquiring, I have to thank I Heart Faces for the friendships that I’ve made through the site. I don’t even dare TRY to name the names,because if I do, I WILL leave someone out who really has inspired me. So, I’ll just say that some of the photographers amaze me through their talent, and others amaze me even more through their heart. Because of all of the people I’ve met and grown to love, I HEART I heart Faces! :<)
Now. Here’s my face photo (and the edits that I agonized over are here. I took this picture last Thursday (Jan. 7), when we finally got some snow (2 flakes…. well, maybe 200, but no more) here in Georgia. This gorgeous girl is our next door neighbor, and when she laid down on the drive to rest after playing hard, the sun peeked through the cloud cover and lit up her eyes. I love this picture of her; it really captures her personality.

So, if you’re an IHF participant, then let’s get ready to par-tay like it’s 2099! And if you’re not, then what are you waiting for? Just do it…