I Heart Faces-Week 1-2010

Happy New Year! I Heart Faces has been around for a year; I think I first started entering contests in February. This week, it’s an “I Heart Faces” theme, and up to five pictures can be posted. They must contain the “I Heart Faces” logo in one way or another. I feel a bit crippled without Photoshop, but I did my best to play along. When you’re done here, you HAVE to go there to look at the other entries; the ones I’ve seen so far are just amazing!

My first entry was created before this contest was ever announced. It was my profile photo on Facebook and my blog for quite a while. Yeah, I “might” be a little obsessed with I Heart Faces; ya think?

I even love IHF so much that I dressed my dog. I firmly believe that God supplied animals with all of the wardrobe they’ll ever need, but I made an exception for this contest. You can see just how much sweet Blackie loves being a fashion diva. heh.

OK, this picture is just strange desperation. I had printed a pic of my face for something for my boy, so then I printed the “Amy and Angie” pick button and put it next to the photo. It’s a face, OK? It counts. Hush.

Two words here. No Photoshop. sorry. (I ordered a new computer from Dell on 12/10, and I have PS Elements sitting here in the box. Dell keeps emailing to extend the ship date… grrr). Anyway… try to imagine what this would look like “if” I had Photoshop.

And this one is just plain silly. No real face shots here, unless fish faces count. But it’s fun, and really, isn’t that what this contest is all about? (What? It’s actually about photographic proficiency? Noooooo…)

So, there you have it. Five loser great pictures that showcase just how much I’ve learned during the past year. SORRY, Amy and Angie… I’ll try to do better next week. Pinky swear. Y’all run on over to I Heart Faces and check out some real talent, ‘kay? (Update: I played around some more in Picnik and figured it out a little bit better. To see how far I came, even without Photoshop, go here. Those are not contest entries… but I just wanted to prove the point that IHF is all about learning!)

“I am submitting this photo into the I Heart Faces logo photo contest. By entering, I am granting I Heart Faces LLC permission to consider my photo for use in the marketing and promotion of their website.”


18 responses to this post.

  1. Very creative entries, my fav is the one with the dog!


  2. Oh Pam – I think these are terrific! That first photo just proves that you are one of our #1 fans and the dog photo is just completely cracking me up. LOL!!

    co-founder of I Heart Faces


  3. 3 cheers for the GA Aquarium! I am mad impressed that you dressed your dog in your t-shirt! Really, all your entries are fun and creative, especially given that you don’t have any editing software (but don’t forget about Picnik! That is all i have and it helped a ton in this challenge!)

    Happy New Year, Pam!


  4. I do love that dog photo, but I think the first one is perfect because it shows your love of I Heart Faces.


  5. The floating head next to the logo is divine! 🙂 As great as that one is, my favorite has to be the dog wearing your t-shirt. I’m impressed with all you did without Photoshop. Hope your computer comes in soon!


  6. Very creative! Great job.


  7. Love all of these but the doggie stole my heart.


  8. The fish made me laugh! That’s great! I really like the picture of you taking a picture in the shirt!


  9. Pam! I always think you are outstanding. I love that you have that picture as your facebook page. You DO love I heart faces. I think that is wonderful! And I think you make the site much better just by being a part of it! : )


  10. Love your entries this week, especially with the doggie in your tshirt!


  11. haha this cracks me up 🙂 I love all your entries, even if you dont have PS! 🙂 i love you friend!


  12. Those are great. Some of them made me laugh out loud. Great job by the way! Love ’em.


  13. Your blog is funny! You have a great personality! love the pic of your dog


  14. I’d enjoyed reading your narrative as much as I’d enjoyed your pictures! 🙂


  15. I love your sense of humor 🙂 Even with PhotoShop I feel crippled much of the time. If it weren’t for being able to Google “how to I{fill in the blank} in PhotoShop” I’d be SUNK!

    Here’s hoping your computer gets to you soon!


  16. Love the photos…very creative. I love the shot of you pretending you have photoshop…I think it looks great!

    Best of luck this week!!!


  17. Wow! you got so high up on the list! great effort! no effort over here so i applaud yours! good luck when you get your new computer and let me know if i can help with learning photoshop, it’s a difficult one!


  18. the dog one is great! love it 🙂


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