A few more IHF pics…

After playing around some more in Picnik, I discovered that the courier font was close enough to American Typewriter to make a decent logo. Pffft. If only I had known that earlier! These look better than the others… but that’s what I Heart Faces is all about. Learning, and improving. So, while my contest entries may have been a “fail”, what I learned while trying was definitely a “win”! Works for me…..

logo using the heart that she drew:

logo inside the heart:

a dog that was keeping us all safe at the fair:


3 responses to this post.

  1. […] Life by the Creek 2 my world in pictures Skip to content About « From Life by the Creek… A few more IHF pics… » […]


  2. What a beautiful little girl, and the second photo is great! Look at you Pam!


  3. To cute…gotta love the doggie.


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