What do you do in a blizzard?

Answer: I have NO idea! Earlier in the week, the weather folks were telling us we might get up to 2 inches of snow, and around here, that IS a blizzard. The closer it came to Thursday, the lower the estimate on snowfall (typical). So, when I went to pick BugHunter up at school, we were all quite thrilled to see the white stuff coming down briskly, with big, fluffy flakes. It was downright festive; we all had silly grins plastered to our faces, and a giant musical number could easily have broken out. We made it home in a driving snowstorm (so-called because we were DRIVING), and BugHunter immediately leapt out of the van and ran to play with the neighbor girl. The snow soon stopped, but it didn’t stop them from making good use of every single particle. Still, there was a lot of disappointment when, at the end of the day, it looked like they’d be going to school today.
I’m not sure if it was Cheewee the elf (who had promised to return if it snowed and did indeed show up bearing the gift of a snow slider) or the fact that BugHunter went to bed with his pajamas inside out, but after dark some more snow came through and the temperature plunged to near zero. And, as is usual around these parts, ice formed on the roads to the point that school was cancelled (I really think it should be called an ice day rather than a snow day, because very little snow was involved in the decision making process). When we finally woke the boy this morning, he was amazed and thrilled that his wish for a snow day had come true. He and the girls started playing at around 10:00 this morning; they finally came in around 3:00. I went out and took a few more pictures for about, oh, fifteen minutes and had to come back in due to impending frostbite in the tips of my gloved fingers. How they handled being out that long is beyond me, but they surely wore out every single snowflake in the process. Here are a few pictures from yesterday and today:

he was pushing her; can you tell?


“Ooooh, that’s gonna leave a mark!”

Don’t you just love blizzard scenery?

There was the most amazing light once the snow stopped; it seemed to fill up her eyes:

“Enough pictures, already!”

“No, really. I mean it!”

Fine. I’ll take pictures of someone who doesn’t mind!

And from today:
In a better mood after sleeping in

This is how they gathered enough snow to play with it:

Too dry and powdery to make a snowman, so they made a snow HILL:

How are her hands not totally frozen?

Literally scraping the bottom of the bucket for snow with which to play:

She likes to go deer hunting with her dad; can you tell? (but I love the pink gloves with the camo)

Legos make everything better!

This one isn’t so much into hunting; more pink, less camo

And at the end of day, what matters most:

Thanks for braving our blizzard to stop by; what has it been doing in your neck of the woods?


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hey Pam! What fun pictures! And the black and white ones are beautiful! Their eyes stand out and look amazing. What lens did you use? Glad you guys got to enjoy a little snow in your neck of the woods. It has been snowing here non – stop (it feels that way), and we have about 3 – 4 inches of snow, and some messy roads around here. I would say hopefully it will get better soon, but it is supposed to be in the single digits tomorrow. Take me to a beach!!!!!!


  2. how do i not have your email address? Sorry to comment on your post again! BUT you are just too funny! thanks for the late-night comments and laughs! you’re very generous and kind 🙂


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