I am SO proud of my boy. He’s been wrestling since November, and he was in his third tournament today. And today, something clicked; after losing every round of every match up til then, he suddenly turned his opponent over and WOULD have had a pin if he hadn’t had his hand under the boy’s shoulder blade. And in his last match, he got 2 pins and won it, giving him 3rd place and a bronze medal. It takes a lot of courage to walk into the middle of a ring, in front of a bleacher full of people, and go one-on-one with an opponent. No excuses; it’s just you and him. This is Adam’s first time playing a sport (other than T-ball, which was mainly all about the snacks afterwards), and he picked a tough one. Way to go, son… you’re a warrior in my eyes, and today you took a big step towards becoming a man.


2 responses to this post.

  1. That is so great. Love that proud smile.


  2. Congratulations to him! I think it is fantastic when kids have the courage to take on a challenge like that! And congrats to you too!


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