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I might be a little excited….

“Hello, my name is Pam, and I am a photoaholic, all because of I Heart Faces.” Yep, I can see myself standing in front of a room full of ladies, like Andrea, Becky ,Becca, Suki, Rachel, Pam, Dana, Jana, Jessica, Elaine, and a host of others with whom I share my favorite spot on the web. All of us hopelessly addicted to digital SLRs and photo editing programs (can I get a holla for FINALLY getting Photoshop Elements up and running? boooyah!) after hanging out week after week at the best photo site around. And today, one of my fantasies is actually coming true; Amy and Angie have asked me to be one of the guest fan judges for this week’s “Hilarious Outtakes!” photo challenge! When I was named as “Fan of the Week” last year, I thought that I had reached the pinnacle of success at IHF. But to be asked to actuallly judge photos? Makes me smile and itch (as I break out in hives) at the same time. Which is NOT a real pretty mental image; sorry. Anyway, the lovely ladies at IHF have asked me to fill out the following Guest Fan Judge Questionnaire,so here goes:

My name: Pam Doughty, or Pam D

Links to my websites:  Well, you’re here at my photoblog, but I also have a site at blogger that was my original blog, Life by the Creek.  I post over here mainly for IHF contests and to showcase my favorite photos.  I also have a Facebook page and love to connect with friends over there.

Description of myself: If I hadn’t had to take a self-portrait for this post, I might have been somewhat kind. But after 2 or 24 long-arm shots and the realization that my arm would NEVER stretch long enough to get away from the horrifying wrinkles, I resorted to the wrinkle remover and make thinner tools in Picnik and just let it go.  It’s really funny how a camera can capture what you simply refuse to see in a mirror.  But, I love my husband, son and dog, my church and my son’s awesome school, Cub Scouts, and photography, and those things keep me young in SPITE of what my skin may say.

Photography journey:  I took photography classes in high school (in, umm.. the 70’s, y’all) using a Minolta SLR.  I actually enrolled in college as a photography major, but I ended up graduating with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.  I put photography away for a decade, but then my wonderful hubby got me a Nikon SLR in 1990 and I got back into taking pictures.  In 2004, I finally went digital with a Fugi FinePix that served me well.  UNTIL I found I Heart Faces a year ago and began to crave something better and with interchangeable lenses.  I have moved ahead in my photography more in the past year than in the 49 before it, and it’s all because of the guidance and challenge that I find at IHF.

Favorite online photographer: Y’all, I almost didn’t put this one in here, because there are SO many wonderful photographers that I’ve met through this site. Some are pros, some aren’t, but all are great. And yet, there is one that I discovered on my first visit to IHF who has influenced me in so many ways; as I’ve watched her grow into a totally amazing photographer, I’ve dared to dream that I can one day find within myself the beauty that I see in her.  If you haven’t visited Dana at From Chaos to Grace, please stop by her blog and take a look at her beautiful creations.  And read her writing, too; she runs deep, and I love her muchly.

Camera Equipment and Editing Programs: I currently use a Canon Rebel XSi.  I have the kit lens and a pretty crummy zoom that came with the camera in a package deal; neither one is great.  For my birthday last year, I got the Canon 50mm 1.4 lens and it rarely comes off my camera now.  But I am in serious need of a good sports lens, so that’s my “this year birthday wish” (hi, honey… I know you’ll read this since I told you that I get to be a guest judge… so “hint hint”!).   Up until the past week or so, I’ve used a multitude of editing programs, mainly depending on Picasa, Picnik, and Microsoft Digital Image Suite.  I just got a new computer and Photoshop Elements and am having a blast!

Now, since I’m judging, I don’t get to compete this week.  Which is kind of ironic, because I didn’t compete in the last “Hilarious Outtakes” contest because I missed the deadline by about an hour.  But, I do get to put some outtakes in this post, and I’m going to use some of the ones that I had planned to use last time. Mainly because I’m lazy I really want y’all to see the pictures this time around.  And there are a couple of different ones, too:

First is my handsome hubby, playing kickball with the kids. Ahhh… when you got it, you never lose it.. right, honey?

“I got your “ho, ho, ho”, kid….”

And, at a den meeting, the little brother of one of the scouts gave me an unintentional hand signal right as I snapped his picture:

Here, my boy just got a glimpse of my first ever attempt at using clippers:

And, finally, I might feel just a twinge of envy for those folks with the lovely little girls who LOVE to dress up and pose. Cause for me, this is as good as it gets:

To wrap it all up, if you haven’t figured it out by now, I heart I Heart Faces. I heart Amy and Angie (and Andrea, too!); I heart the friends I’ve met through the site. I guess the weekly challenge is what keeps me coming back, because it forces me to really stretch myself and learn new things. But I Heart Faces is so much more than a competition; it’s a community that will always hold a special place in MY heart.


Blackie’s nose

Blackie's nose

Playing around in Photoshop Elements….

And then there’s this face….


Wordless Wednesday(at the very last minute)-Call of the Wild

If I only had a brain…. True Story Tuesday

I entered the I Heart Faces “Hands” contest Sunday night, and it was one that I had really tried to prepare for. I took pictures of hands EVERYWHERE, and the best pic that I could come up with came from a wrestling tournment. Gyms are notoriously lacking in good lighting, and it caused my focus to be off just enough to keep the picture from being great. But, it was the best of what I had (or so I thought), so I made my post and linked up.
And then, a couple of people commented on how surprised they were that I didn’t have a pic of my bughuntin’ Adam holding some creature. And I totally slapped my head in disbelief, because how MANY pictures like that DO I have? And then I remembered the pictures I took in September of him holding a tiny little lizard that he’d caught, and I went to the folder. And then I cried. And then, I emailed Amy and Angie to see if I could switch out photos, and while they graciously would have let me, it really IS against the rules. You have to dance with the one who brung ya, and I just couldn’t break the rules. So, here are the pics that I SHOULD have chosen from to enter the contest and that might even have had a chance at being considered for a top pick. And hey, they made True Story Tuesday post, so they got their 15 minutes of fame, right? So why am I still crying?

For more true stories, head over to visit Rach and Mr. D at Once Upon a Miracle.. and link up if you dare! And don’t forget to check out The Battle of the Blogs post over there; if you could choose one superpower, would it be invisibility or flight?

I Heart Faces– A Father’s Hands

When Adam decided to wrestle this year, it was his first real attempt at a sport. For a daddy who lives and breathes sports, it was a dream come true. Helping his boy get his headgear on as he got ready for a match was a labor of love…
For more photos of hands, big and small, young and old, head over to I Heart Faces and check out the amazing talent!

Guess who?

Does anybody recognize this precious face? Let me give you a hint… cheese. Another hint… Diet Coke. How about Mexican food? Does that ring a bell? OK, here’s the final clue:

Yep, that’s Jayci, with her amazing mommy, Becca from The Stanley Clan! We realized a few months back that we live in the same area, but life has been SO crazy-busy for both of us that we could never work out a time to meet. Until today… hooray! We met at a Mexican restuarant (really, where ELSE would we meet? Hello… cheese dip!) and got to spend a quick hour together before I had to go pick up Adam from school. Jayci is a total baby doll; I was enchanted! She blew kisses, gave high fives, and did the “pound” (fist bump). She is SO smart, counting and talking and communicating far beyond what I would EVER think a 14 month old could do! The love between Jayci and Becca is so apparent (look at Becca’s face in that second pic!); it really made me miss being able to cuddle Adam! We talked about Becca and Adam’s ministry, and I am in awe of their hearts and their committment to “their kids”. I felt like I knew Becca and was totally comfortable with her; she IS just as she appears to be on her blog. Real… fun… funny… and stinkin’ gorgeous. I can’t wait to get together again; how about it, Becca? I’m ready when you are; just say when!