SOOC Sunday-Evolution of a smile

Slurping Life

SOOC=Straight Out Of the Camera. Before I discovered editing programs, SOOC was simply the way that it was. What I shot was what I got (hey, that rhymes…cool!). Now that I know about curves and levels, contrast and brightness, saturation and sharpening masks, I’m a lot less stressed about the pictures that I do take. They don’t have to be perfect; they can always be edited. But Melody at Slurping Life has this thing about SOOC, and since she even lets folks post on Sunday instead of Saturday, I felt like playing along today. I made a collage out of a set of photos I took at the Pinewood Derby. This boy is in my den, and he NEVER smiles for me. EVER. I have to chase him around and try to get lucky with a quick snap; usually, if it’s clear, there’s no smile. And if there’s a smile, it’s blurry because I’m chasing him. I took a couple of pics at the derby with, of course, no smile. But he was next to his dad, and I showed dad the photos, griping that his boy wouldn’t smile. Dad fixed a stern stare on son and commanded “Smile!” I expected some fakey pained upturn of the lips, but lo and behold, it was as if God said to the sun, “Shine!”. And since I wasn’t RUNNING after the boy, I didn’t even need to edit.

Now, head over to Melody’s for more great SOOC shots! Oh, and “SMILE!!!”


6 responses to this post.

  1. Oh Pam. I love that you captured this perfect smile on such a special boy. i love that you re a den mother. you make everything more special. you definitely make the world a better and brighter place.


  2. Precious.


  3. Pam D. you are a wonderment!!!!!

    great capture.

    your comment on Brian’s blog the other day really touched my heart.


  4. Pam D
    I love the smiles – what a great capture and what a lovely boy


  5. Excellent captures. He is a handsome young man and should definitely smile. Happy to have you re-join SOOC Saturday.


  6. He’s lovely with and without the smiles, but the smiles definately make him more friendly ~ and he has a LOVELY smile :D!! Great shots!


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