Double Digits

My boy is 10 today. How did that happen? Where did the time go? I suppose that some of it went to telling “boy hero” stories (he asked for one today on the ride in to school, and then reversed himself and said no. Broke a tiny little piece from my heart…). A lot went to reading books together. A WHOLE lot went to hunting for bugs, and lizards, and snakes; to splashing about in the creek, exploring the woods, and visiting Lost Mountain Park, Oregon Park, Adams Park, Kennesaw Mountain, and other great “exploring” places in the area. Some went to visiting Nana, and Grandaddy, Uncle Rob, Aunt Ellen, Uncle Steve and Aunt Landra. Of course, a VERY large chunk was spent in the tutelage of the wonderful teachers at North Cobb Christian and the loving volunteers at West Cobb Church. Many hours were spent in the presence of our amazing den leader, Mrs. Janet, and our wonderful den mates. More than a few hours were spent this year in wrestling practice; THAT was fun! And we spent two weeks at Lighthouse retreats, taking away far more than we could ever give.
Adam, you are my heart. My young man, shedding the “down” of youth and already sprouting some pin feathers. Not yet ready to fly but looking at the horizon and imagining where you can go. I am so proud of you; from a rambunctious and sometimes difficult little boy, you have emerged as a caring, kind, strong and polite child who is constantly on the receiving end of compliments from adults who meet you. The possibilities are endless for you, whether you choose science and the study of bugs or reptiles, or whether you choose a life devoted to missions. I told you on the ride in this morning that if I could freeze you at any point in time, it would be now. Your curiousity is unlimited; you still have great respect for authority; our conversations could go on forever with you MORE than holding up your end, and I just love being with you. I just wanted you to know how very, very thankful I am that God chose your dad and I to be your parents. How very blessed we are to have you in our lives. And how very, very, VERY much we love you. Happy 10th birthday, son…. I hope the next 10 go by more slowly and are filled with even more blessings!


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