Guess who?

Does anybody recognize this precious face? Let me give you a hint… cheese. Another hint… Diet Coke. How about Mexican food? Does that ring a bell? OK, here’s the final clue:

Yep, that’s Jayci, with her amazing mommy, Becca from The Stanley Clan! We realized a few months back that we live in the same area, but life has been SO crazy-busy for both of us that we could never work out a time to meet. Until today… hooray! We met at a Mexican restuarant (really, where ELSE would we meet? Hello… cheese dip!) and got to spend a quick hour together before I had to go pick up Adam from school. Jayci is a total baby doll; I was enchanted! She blew kisses, gave high fives, and did the “pound” (fist bump). She is SO smart, counting and talking and communicating far beyond what I would EVER think a 14 month old could do! The love between Jayci and Becca is so apparent (look at Becca’s face in that second pic!); it really made me miss being able to cuddle Adam! We talked about Becca and Adam’s ministry, and I am in awe of their hearts and their committment to “their kids”. I felt like I knew Becca and was totally comfortable with her; she IS just as she appears to be on her blog. Real… fun… funny… and stinkin’ gorgeous. I can’t wait to get together again; how about it, Becca? I’m ready when you are; just say when!


One response to this post.

  1. Oh. My. Gosh.
    This makes me want to move to Atlanta.
    Look at Jayci.
    She is the most precious baby on the planet.
    Don’t tell Becca, but I totally want to kidnap her!
    : )
    I would also like to kidnap Adam so Kaish can have a playmate. And while I am kidnapping everyone, I will kidnap you and Becca too so I can have some friends : )


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