True Story Tuesday-Chasing Dreams

Last week, we went to Disney. We had 3 days of park passes left from a trip in 2005 and it was time to use them. Air Tran had great fares, we found a condo near the parks that would work for us, and gosh darn it, it was COLD in Atlanta. Time to warm up and play with Mickey for a while, right? So we headed for the land where “Dreams really DO come true”….

with a boy who was far more excited about the plane ride

than the princesses…

And we found that it was just as cold in Orlando as it was in Atlanta…

I’m not sure how that dancer in front could even smile, cause it was TOO cold for no sleeves!

We looked for indoor shows to stay warm

and got maybe a little tired of “animatronic” everything….

We even had a few moments where we might have felt like this poor little baby..

Our best day was at Hollywood Studios

Where we saw Darth…

and watched things blow up around Indiana Jones..

and even visited the streets of San Francisco (where it was, alas, STILL cold…)

But cold or not, all in all, it was a very good day (and night)

But then, there was Epcot

That was one of the few pictures I took there. It started raining, and the wind was blowing, and when you got around the big Spaceship Earth ball, the wind was so strong it literally ripped the poncho off of my body! brrrrrrr. But the craziest thing about THAT day (Friday) was that, while we got soaked and frozen at Epcot, Atlanta got 3 inches of snow. THREE inches… my boy has never seen more than one! And there we sat at the condo (Epcot ended early, my friends… ) watching the Weather Channel and practically weeping over the fact that we were there and not home, playing in the snow. AND, all flights at Atlanta’s airport were cancelled… so we didn’t even know when we would make it home.
BUT… AirTran came through for us; we weren’t even one minute late arriving in the ATL on Saturday. And when we got to the car park, we found this:

And a certain boy decided to hit his dad with a snowball or five

which did NOT go unanswered!

And when we finally made it home, we found that the dream we had been chasing

was there all along

So, I guess the moral of THIS true story is that while trips are fun, sometimes the very things you’re looking for are right where you are. And a manufactured world of “dreams” can never really replace the real world and the real people that make life worth living.

For more true stories (that probably won’t make you watch a vacation slideshow!), head over to Once Upon a Miracle and join Rachel, Mr. Daddy, and the gang. You might even find a true story of your own to add to the mix!


6 responses to this post.

  1. Looks like fun…we’re taking our older two to Disney this summer and are really looking forward to it!
    I’m so over our cold…the snow was fun, I’m glad we got it, I’m glad it melted fast, and now I’m ready for Spring! πŸ™‚


  2. Wow- I was all excited for you to go to Disney and then was heartbroken for you because of the snow. Living in S. TX I understand the desire for the kids to play in snow. How great is it that you got to do both?!


  3. You know what they say. You usually meet your destiny on the path to find it….LOL
    Glad you guys had fun, great slide show.
    Rach and I are talking about a vacation somewhere, lord knows we could use one right now.


  4. Just so you know, that second-to last picture NEEDS to be entered in some kind of contest and framed on your wall… that is a perfect winter fun capture!

    And Lordy, it was THAT cold in Florida? Wowza. We only had mega thunderstorms last time.

    And that animated president thing scared the c-r-a-p-o-l-a out of this chick at Disney when I was a kid… I would have been wailing like that little one in the stroller too!

    (Okay… to put it in context, imagine you cannot understand a single thing they are saying because they are all… well… glorified mannequins that move to some jerky mechanical movements and have unseeing eyes and creepy features… then try to figure out what the might be saying as they are about to catch you in that dream where you are running as fast as you can and your feet are stuck in the sand and… oh. That’s just me? Sorry)


  5. And just so you know (the normal me is back again) – if you’d been to Disney in California, we were gonna crash your party πŸ™‚ We were totally talking about a vacation!


  6. I loved your photos of Disney! I love visit often, but I like how you told a story and had interesting and unique pics.


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