If I only had a brain…. True Story Tuesday

I entered the I Heart Faces “Hands” contest Sunday night, and it was one that I had really tried to prepare for. I took pictures of hands EVERYWHERE, and the best pic that I could come up with came from a wrestling tournment. Gyms are notoriously lacking in good lighting, and it caused my focus to be off just enough to keep the picture from being great. But, it was the best of what I had (or so I thought), so I made my post and linked up.
And then, a couple of people commented on how surprised they were that I didn’t have a pic of my bughuntin’ Adam holding some creature. And I totally slapped my head in disbelief, because how MANY pictures like that DO I have? And then I remembered the pictures I took in September of him holding a tiny little lizard that he’d caught, and I went to the folder. And then I cried. And then, I emailed Amy and Angie to see if I could switch out photos, and while they graciously would have let me, it really IS against the rules. You have to dance with the one who brung ya, and I just couldn’t break the rules. So, here are the pics that I SHOULD have chosen from to enter the contest and that might even have had a chance at being considered for a top pick. And hey, they made True Story Tuesday post, so they got their 15 minutes of fame, right? So why am I still crying?

For more true stories, head over to visit Rach and Mr. D at Once Upon a Miracle.. and link up if you dare! And don’t forget to check out The Battle of the Blogs post over there; if you could choose one superpower, would it be invisibility or flight?


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  1. I came here from Rach’s True Story Tuesday. Those are some incredible pictures! I think I’d be heartbroken as well, to have submitted something else and then remembered these!


  2. Posted by Pam on February 23, 2010 at 9:42 am

    the one you posted was good but yes, one of these would have been really great! Sometimes we are on overload and forget what is there in front of us.
    Great shots.


  3. Pam, I have done that same thing with different songs that I have entered into contests. I get one song all finished and mailed and then think, “Wait! Stop! Whoa! That was the wrong song!”

    Our pictures and our songs are our babies, no doubt about it.

    But if these pictures of the Bug Hunter’s hands brought you tears from beautiful memories and the enjoyment of precious times revisited, they have already done more for you than any winning in any contest.

    Always love your posts and your pictures. And you!


  4. Please don’t cry, these were fantastic! You should add a little *** on your original post to tell people to check out these too. They are so nice.


  5. boys and bugs – some crazy attraction! Great photo and I’m glad you were able to share them!


  6. Posted by Dana on February 23, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    OH WOW!!! I can see why you’re upset. That last one especially is INCREDIBLE! WOW!! Watch PW and see if you can throw it in there somewhere! LOL You really should be VERY proud of those!


  7. I got an email from the same person who sent out aquarium tickets and the first weekend of March they have a Princess Diana exhibit in Atlanta – I put the details on my blog if you are interested. Two free tickets. Thought you might like to know. I’m trying to let all Georgia bloggers know. Pass the word.


  8. I thought I commented on this already. Maybe in my imagination I did : ) Or on facebook. Either way, I love the picture you did enter. I could see how much you loved your husband in that picture and I thought that was so special!


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