True Story Tuesday-Whiplash

I am late with posting today. But I have a good reason; I worked an open house at our school this morning, and before it even started, the snow began to fall. And fall. And fall. Finally, when we were finished, I decided to wait til 11:30 (which would mean that he would get credit for the day instead of an absence) and pull my boy to go on home. I just didn’t really want to have to drive back in the snow and slush; am I a bad momma? Not to mention that the last time snow fell here, we were in Florida and missed it. AND, the county schools ended up with early release, so I somehow felt justified. We got home, changed into “snow clothes”, and built a snowman. And threw a few snowballs. Played with the dog a little. And took a few pictures. Then the girl next door came over and off they went to the big field next door to play. While I cleaned up a little bit, only to have them come back in dripping, sopping, soaking wet with slushy snow. Wanting hot chocolate and warm air. And then they watched a movie while I loaded pictures; lots from yesterday and more from today. And I realized that I feel a little bit like I have whiplash, because yesterday was like this:

and today was like this:

I have no idea what tomorrow will look like; I just hope I can keep up!
For more true stories, head on over and visit Rachel, Mr. Daddy and the gang! And tell us what’s been going on in your corner of the world….


4 responses to this post.

  1. Looks like you guys got more then us this time. It flurried here the better part of the morning but thank goodness that was it. Have fun.


  2. Oh I would have pulled my kids too! The weather has been crazy all over the states this year. Glad y’all were home for the snow this time. 😀


  3. Oh girlie… I am so jealous! Everyone else got our snow this year and we’ve really missed it.

    We totally would have both played hooky to go outside for some snow fun!

    So glad you got pictures of it!

    And by the way… I couldn’t find any “hilarious outtakes” that I liked any better than what was already in the contest – you guys have such a great selection this week! 🙂

    Thanks for linking up chica!


  4. I love this.


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