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Dragonfly face


Fix It Friday #52

I haven’t had time to particpate in Fix It Friday in a while (and, ummm…it’s almost not Friday anymore, so I’m pushing it here). But with Angie’s gorgeous girl as the subject, I couldn’t resist. The original shot is great as far as clarity and lighting, but there were elements in the background that needed removing.

Fix it Friday #52

I used the clone tool to take out the distracting sign right behind the girl. And, I cropped out the other sign on the right. I added a texture and then experimented with text. That’s a first for me in Elements, and I need to learn more about placement, etc. Still, it was fun to play with this great picture; thanks, Angie! And thanks I Heart Faces for all that I learn on a daily basis. Here’s my edit:

Fix it Friday #52 edit

Even the DOG next door is cute!

Zoe sepia

She fits in perfectly, doesn’t she? Adorable face, gorgeous eyes… Miss Zoe is just scrumptious!

I Heart Faces: All I want for Christmas….(Smiles)


Have you ever seen a cuter smile? Oh my… she melts my heart! I love the theme this week at I Heart Faces, and I have a feeling there will be more entries than EVER before. Think about it; what do you say right before you take someone’s picture? “Smile!!!” That’s what I said to this sweet girl, and she gave me a closed-mouth little grin. “No, honey, show me your teeth!” I said. “But I don’t HAVE any teef right now”, she replied. “OK… show me where your teeth are SUPPOSED to be”, said I, and thus I ended up with a perfectly priceless shot. For more adorable smiles, teeth or not, head over to I Heart Faces (but please.. leave a little love behind before you go!).

I Heart Faces-Collages

Sister Collage

This week, instead of only one picture, entries can consist of as many as you can fit into a collage. Which COULD be a lot of pictures, friends! But I had the good fortune of a lovely day today and two pretty-as-can-be models who were willing to pose by an old barn behind their house. Voila… perfectly tied-together theme for a collage… the joy of sisterhood! I haven’t done real “photo-shoots”, so we were awkwardly trying to figure out poses, until I just told the girls to be themselves. Yep, that worked just fine!
Now… head on over to I Heart Faces to see what I know will be some amazing collages (oh…could you leave me a little love first? Thanks so much!). And if you have a sister, give her a hug….
(P.S. the collage was done in Picnik; I only have Elements 8, so my Photoshop collage possibilities are limited!)

Pretty as a picture

Riley closeup

One of Adam’s best friends has a little sister. I’m thinking she might need to model. What do you think?

Too much to photograph…

and not enough time….

sunset with tree

Wood and water small

Rope closeup

flag small edit

Single dogwood blossom with texture small

Dandelion1 small

dogwood blooms with texture

Praying dragonfly

bubbling creek

Leaf with raindrops small