Fix It Friday #49 at I Heart Faces

Fix it Friday 49

This week’s Fix It Friday photo really didn’t look like it needed much “fixin'” to me! Cute pic, great composition; in the past I would have been absolutely thrilled to get a capture like this one. And really, I don’t know that my fixes are an improvement, but I did enjoy playing. I always open photos in the RAW editor in PSE 8 now (thank you for that tip, Andrea!) and do any adjustments to brightness, contrast, clarity, etc. I then open it into the regular PSE viewer and take it from there. I chose to do a mostly de-sat version, and then a second edit using MCP’s Texturizer action with a dark vignette texture. What do you think?

Edit #1:
Fix it Friday 49 b&w

Edit #2 with dark vignette texture:
Fix it Friday 49 texturizer

Head over to I Heart Faces to see some really wonderful edits; post-processing really does work magic, even on a picture that doesn’t look like it needs any processing at all!


3 responses to this post.

  1. beautiful.


  2. I thought this little girl was so cute too Pam! I loved the image. When I put the mouse over the one drew did I could not believe how she had improved the girls skin tone. Amazing.

    You are really doing a great job with these! And editing in general! Way to go.


  3. I’m so glad you’re diving in with Elements. I know it seems overwhelming at first, but I find I use mainly the same steps each time.

    You did a beautiful desaturated edit!


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