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A little more action….

dogwood with FB actions

Just purchased Florabella’s Spring 1 and Spring 2 sets… oh my goodness! If you don’t see me, you can find me in the basement, editing….


I Heart Faces–Yellow

caleb with yellow rod and sunshine

My boy has a friend from Cub Scouts who loves to come to our house; he and Adam explore in the woods and grab fishing poles to fish in the creek. His birthday was Thursday, and his grandmother got him a new yellow rod and reel; he couldn’t wait to try it out. Hubby took the boys to the lake nearby, and sure enough, the birthday boy caught a big ol’ crappie; can you see the pride in his face? I love the yellow tones in this picture; it speaks of sun and summer and joy found in a simple pole, line and worm. It “feels” like yellow to me….
For more bright and sunny shots entered in the “Yellow” theme, head over to I Heart Faces and click a few links. But first, put a little sunshine in my life with some comment love, okay?

Fishing in the lake

caleb with yellow rod

caleb and fish closeup

So, Adam and his friend C went fishing in the lake nearby today after catching the same ten fish in the creek that they catch every time. C got a new rod and reel for his birthday, and it did well; he caught a nice crappie (that was released after these pics). And there’s a bonus; there’s a little farm next to the lake, and they raise donkeys, llamas, emus, peacocks, and few other critters. The donkey couple had babies, and the two little ones are absolutely adorable. The boys had fun petting and feeding them after they were done fishing. We really are lucky to have so many free fun things within a mile of the house, aren’t we?

caleb with donkey

kissy face

donkey eye

baby donkey

petting hands

I thought I’d seen messy before…


but this takes the cake! (literally…..)

This picture…..

Happiness is butterflies and blue skies...

makes me happy!

Fix It Friday 54

fix it Friday 54

When I saw the original photo for Fix It Friday today, it reminded me of so many shots that I’ve taken. You get the expression that you want, but the light is all wrong, and the camera settings are wrong, and it just seems “unfixable”. I’ve deleted a bunch that were similar to this, and now I realize that I may have thrown away gold. My jaw dropped when I saw the contributors’ fixes, especially from my friend Dana. And after reading Dana’s tutorial, I decided to see if I could do anything with the picture. I’m nowhere near as good as Dana, or Andrea, or Julie Rivera, but I do feel like I learned something today as far as levels, color balance, and adding texure. And any day in which this old dog can learn a new trick or two is a good day in my book!
fix it Friday 54 edit

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Happy girl….

Happy girl2

Just in case you needed a smile today…