SOOC Saturday-the science teacher

science lesson

Adam’s buddy came over to play, which in their language means to get into the creek and scoop up whatever they can find. On this day, the catch included 2 crawfish, a very strange water bug, and a salamander. The boys brought their treasure up onto the deck, and Adam began to educate Caleb on the finer points of aquatic creek creatures. If you were to stick them in a classroom to do this, they’d be miserable. I wish there was an outdoor school for boys!

This picture is SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera), with the only alteration being a conversion from RAW format to JPG. For more SOOC shots and stories, head over and visit Melody at Slurping Life. Sometimes, the unedited moments of our lives are far better than anything that Photoshop can produce!


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  1. Wow. Such an amazing picture. Love. Love it. I love play dates. We don’t have a creek! : ( They do play in the drainage dump which they call a pond. Weirdos : )


  2. So cute! Learning is almost always better in the natural environment, as thus it is easily seen by the child as being relevent!


  3. Wow! Look how entranced they are looking at that! I love having boys!


  4. That is a very cool pic. They both look so intense.


  5. This is brilliant..I LOVE IT!
    Boys are so cool and you definitely captured that in this image.


  6. Such intensity and interest – love it!


  7. Love the picture
    what a great way to learn


  8. I love how intent they are – great sneaky shot mom! (If I were to have attempted this in broad daylight, my son would have grabbed the slimy thing and ran screaming from me…)

    Love this shot!


  9. Posted by Ambur on May 2, 2010 at 11:10 am

    Hi Pam! I just read a comment you left on PW and just wanted to say thanks! I agree w/ you 100% and have wanted to say the same thing, but you did it perfectly. 🙂


  10. Gotta love it. They learn so much when they are discovering. What a great moment you caught, too!


  11. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by lifebythecreek. lifebythecreek said: SOOC Saturday-the science teacher: […]


  12. Awesome.


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