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Joseph serious

I really, really love freckles. A light dusting is nice, but a whole blizzard of them just makes me smile….


I Heart Faces-Pets

zoe color

According to I Heart Faces, “This week’s theme is “Pets Only” but anyone is welcome to enter a photo of any animal (it does not necessarily have to be a pet.)” I have a LOT of animal pictures, but this time I’m choosing a real pet pic. This is Zoe, who owns the girls next door. She’s a lovely combination of sassy and sweet; can you tell?
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Handsome Harry

heron with ducks

harry in the looking glass

harry headshot
Every summer, we go to Destin at least once. Before Adam entered elementary school, we would go in the spring, summer, AND fall. It’s like a second home to us (and we are very, very, VERY sad about the oil spill and it’s impact on the entire Gulf coast). One thing that we’ve enjoyed during our visits is interacting with herons on the dock while working on the boat or cleaning fish. Our “Harry” shows up every time, although I suspect we have a whole flock of Harrys. He stands nearby (but not TOO close), shuffling his rather large feet, preening his lovely feathers, and giving us sideways glances as he hopes for a handout. He is usually not disappointed; even when we don’t have any baitfish or leftovers from cleaning, we’ll throw bits of bread in the water, bringing the pinfish to the surface for easy pickings for our friend. I hope that Harry can survive the catastrophe going on around him, and I hope that the hardy people of Destin will all survive, as well.

How we’re made

Killdeer on nest1

Camo Killdeer

For some reason, we’ve had a lot of encounters with birds and nests, eggs and babies lately. We had a nest in a geranium pot on the back deck and got to watch the babies go from egg to fledgling (last night!). One of the fledged babies ended up on the deck, and we spent suppertime with a special Father’s Day show, watching it hop and flutter all around the platform as the sun set, finally wedging itself into the toe of Adam’s sandal for the night.
But the killdeer… ahh, now that’s a different bird, indeed. My friend Janet told me last night that she knew of a killdeer nest if I wanted to take pictures today. But it didn’t involve trees or bushes; apparently, killdeer simply drop their eggs onto gravel and then sit them til they hatch. At that piont, Janet said they’re ready to roll… no weeks of mom and dad ferrying worms to them. It amazes me still how God has created each animal so that it can survive in it’s environment. Just like us… in His image, we can survive as long as we keep looking up……….

I Heart Faces–Week 25-Celebrating Teens

Jman watermark

The requirement for this week’s photo challenge at I Heart Faces is that the photo includes a teen (age 13-19) in it. I don’t hang around with teens at all, so I thought I might have to sit this week out. But then, we went to see “Karate Kid” (AWESOME!), and Jaden Smith reminded me of a young man at one of our Lighthouse Family retreats. And then, I remembered that I got a picture of him that truly reflects teen “attitude”. At fourteen, he’s no longer a child yet not quite a man, wanting to cross into adulthood but not… quite…. there. Teen years… I think they contain both the highs and the lows of life, sometimes in the span of a few minutes.
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At the beach…..

Destin beach June 2010 with tweed

…life slows down, and the sweet, salty air clears your head. The hot sand burns away the dregs of winter. And the vast blue ocean reminds you of just how small you are.. and just how big God is.

I Heart Faces–Week 24–Babies

Daniel PSE3

It’s all about babies over at I Heart Faces this week, and oh boy, is it gonna be amazing! What IS it about the least OF us that brings out the greatest IN us? Tiny, trusting, and with such wisdom in their innocent eyes…. if you don’t love babies, then I just don’t know what you can love! Head on over and check out the other entries; you’re sure to get more than a few smiles, a ton of “awwwwwww’s”, and maybe even a tear or two!