How we’re made

Killdeer on nest1

Camo Killdeer

For some reason, we’ve had a lot of encounters with birds and nests, eggs and babies lately. We had a nest in a geranium pot on the back deck and got to watch the babies go from egg to fledgling (last night!). One of the fledged babies ended up on the deck, and we spent suppertime with a special Father’s Day show, watching it hop and flutter all around the platform as the sun set, finally wedging itself into the toe of Adam’s sandal for the night.
But the killdeer… ahh, now that’s a different bird, indeed. My friend Janet told me last night that she knew of a killdeer nest if I wanted to take pictures today. But it didn’t involve trees or bushes; apparently, killdeer simply drop their eggs onto gravel and then sit them til they hatch. At that piont, Janet said they’re ready to roll… no weeks of mom and dad ferrying worms to them. It amazes me still how God has created each animal so that it can survive in it’s environment. Just like us… in His image, we can survive as long as we keep looking up……….


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  1. Posted by Pam on June 21, 2010 at 11:02 pm

    What a beautiful shot. What type of lens are you using or did you actually get this close?


  2. Nice picture.


  3. Pam, This shot is amazing! I love the little orange ring around his eye.
    Thanks for your encouraging comment on my blog–I was nervous to try something so important as a friend’s senior pictures. Nature photography is so much more comfortable for me. But I was feeling that I’ve gotta branch out sometime…


  4. One of the things I love about your blog is the wildlife and flora are so different than the dried-out brown place I live! Also the little “messages” your pix come with. YOu connect everything back to Him, and I like that about you 🙂


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