Handsome Harry

heron with ducks

harry in the looking glass

harry headshot
Every summer, we go to Destin at least once. Before Adam entered elementary school, we would go in the spring, summer, AND fall. It’s like a second home to us (and we are very, very, VERY sad about the oil spill and it’s impact on the entire Gulf coast). One thing that we’ve enjoyed during our visits is interacting with herons on the dock while working on the boat or cleaning fish. Our “Harry” shows up every time, although I suspect we have a whole flock of Harrys. He stands nearby (but not TOO close), shuffling his rather large feet, preening his lovely feathers, and giving us sideways glances as he hopes for a handout. He is usually not disappointed; even when we don’t have any baitfish or leftovers from cleaning, we’ll throw bits of bread in the water, bringing the pinfish to the surface for easy pickings for our friend. I hope that Harry can survive the catastrophe going on around him, and I hope that the hardy people of Destin will all survive, as well.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Harry looks very hndsome, lovely pictures.


  2. Oh wow Pam. Harry is just gorgeous. Just lovely. I am glad you have a special place you can go as a family to unwind and celebrate life : ) Your family is spectacular! And so are these images. Just astoundingly beautiful!


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