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zoe color

According to I Heart Faces, “This week’s theme is “Pets Only” but anyone is welcome to enter a photo of any animal (it does not necessarily have to be a pet.)” I have a LOT of animal pictures, but this time I’m choosing a real pet pic. This is Zoe, who owns the girls next door. She’s a lovely combination of sassy and sweet; can you tell?
For more wonderful pet and animal pictures, click here and then give some love to the other contestants.


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  1. Oh I love this entry 🙂 What a cute puppy – he looks JUST like my sister’s dog 🙂 identical!


  2. Oh my gosh Pam! I LOVE Zoe! What a sweet, sweet little doggie! The very sweetest!


  3. Thanks for your comment on my pic!! You are right! It was layers!! I am so excited to have been chosen as a favorite!!

    This pic was just me trying something new and fun. I have attempted this action shot with a slow shutter speed. The results were similar.

    I was playing around with Photoshop when I created “Craig’s Sweetheart.”

    I will have a short ABC version of how to do this on my blog very soon!



  4. Such a precious puppy, love it.


  5. Sweet! The toning is lovely 🙂


  6. Gosh, she even looks like my little girl who shares the same name! 🙂


  7. aww Adorable entry!


  8. I love how you worded “who owns the girls next door” that is classic. This picture is ADORABLE! 🙂


  9. Posted by anita johnson on June 28, 2010 at 5:44 am

    She has the same beautiful…well, charming smile as the dog I entered. 🙂 Nice!


  10. Hello Zoe, you should meet our pets and show them how sassy you can get! 🙂


  11. Awww, what a sweetie


  12. What a cutie! Love the little teeth 🙂


  13. Cute, cute, cute!!! Look at that underbite. What an adorable shot!


  14. Oh my goodness, this looks like my little Mopie. She passed a few years ago. So cute. snif snif.


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