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Fix It Friday #64-Purple

It’s Fix It Friday at I Heart Faces, and the photo this week is of Michelle Johnson’s beautiful girl. What gorgeous eyes and a sweet smile!
Original photo:
Fix it Friday 64 purple

It just needed some “pop”, so I pulled it into Photoshop Elements 8 and did some basics. A little sharpening, bumped up the contrast, and upped the exposure. Then I ran Florabella’s Allure action with no adjustments, followed by MCPs texture applicator with a multicolored texture that added a little color depth. I didn’t do any specific eye actions (wish I had used the spot healing brush on the side of her face, but thought of it too late). Anyway, this is how it ended up:

Fix it Friday 64 purple fix

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Itty Bitty Froggie


We were sitting at the dinner table last night, and I saw something small and green hopping down the deck rail outside. I thought it was a grasshopper, but after watching a few hops, I realized that it wasn’t. We went out and captured this little guy and put him on the wall by the deck light. He was about the size of my thumbnail, but he could jump 6 feet easy. I wish I could have gotten some full front shots, but he just wouldn’t cooperate. That’s OK; I enjoyed getting a close up look before we turned out the light and left him alone. See you around, Kermit….

I Heart Faces–Purple

eIMG_7804 purple

Summer evenings, screened porch, soft chenille throw, and a good book. Ahhhhh……

This week’s I Heart Faces contest theme is “Purple”. Only requirements are a human face and the color purple, so this is my entry. Head over to I Heart Faces and check out all of the other purple pics, and as always, make sure to leave some love both here and there!



Trying to clean out some of my files, and I’ve found several files full of flower/nature photos from the spring. That I never. even. touched. Agggghhhhh! It’s tempting to just delete the file folders sight unseen, but then I find pics like this one that just scream to be played with. I’ve never been good at resisting, especially when one of my photos is begging me to love it. *sigh* See y’all later; I’m down in the basement editing…

Lather, rinse…repeat


I know, I know… I periodically put up pics of my boy and say “Oh, I love this boy”, or “Look at this face!”. But really…isn’t that what this site is ultimately all about? So bear with me one more time as I say “Look at these green eyes… oh, my! Yes, I LOVE this boy!”

Wild thang…






I have a friend who trains horses and gives riding lessons; her latest passion is mustangs. She is part of the Extreme Mustang Makeover competition, where she is assigned an unbroken mustang and has about 3 months to train him for competition. This is her latest fella; she just brought him to Georgia on Saturday, and I took pictures yesterday (Monday). He has calmed down quite a bit from when she got him, and he appears to be intelligent and very trainable. I can’t wait to watch his journey (and hopefully photograph it, too). Rebecca, I am in awe of your talent, girl; I hope you win!

I Heart Faces week 29– What is over…


her head? Why, her hands, of course! Little ballerina, reaching to the sky… I hope we can all find joy in the day, just like her!

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