Itty Bitty Froggie


We were sitting at the dinner table last night, and I saw something small and green hopping down the deck rail outside. I thought it was a grasshopper, but after watching a few hops, I realized that it wasn’t. We went out and captured this little guy and put him on the wall by the deck light. He was about the size of my thumbnail, but he could jump 6 feet easy. I wish I could have gotten some full front shots, but he just wouldn’t cooperate. That’s OK; I enjoyed getting a close up look before we turned out the light and left him alone. See you around, Kermit….


3 responses to this post.

  1. Oh my goodness! He is so teeny and tiny. wowza! I love little green frogs. Green is my most favorite color : )
    And you are my most favorite Pam : )


  2. That tiny, eh? Love it! I can handle froggies… stuff with tails scare me, LOL


  3. So little bitty.


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