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I Heart Faces–Photojournalism

e_MG_2946 David, Olivia and Granddad

This week’s theme at I Heart Faces is a little different; here are the guidelines on what they’re looking for:

Our definition of Photojournalism for the sake of this challenge: Using an image (or images) to tell a story.

So, for this week’s challenge we’d like you to choose a photo that is photojournalistic in style. Or (for this week only) you can enter a collage of photos instead. Please make sure that a human face is showing up somewhere in your photo entry and that you use only a maximum of 5 photos in your collage.

I took pictures yesterday of a new great niece in our family. So many of those photos tell a story to me, mostly about the love that everyone has for this tiny new person. But this picture is, to me, special. Not only were we all together to meet this 8 week old princess, but we also were celebrating my father-in-law’s 91st birthday. From one end of the life spectrum to the other, and to me, this picture tells the story of the circle of life.
For more pictures that are worth a thousand words, head on over to I Heart Faces and click some links. And thanks so much for stopping by….


Fallen flower….

e_MG_2720 1Peter1

Thank you, Lord, for your living, breathing Word….

I Heart Faces–Beach photos


It’s all about the beach at I Heart Faces this week. And for us, beach really means boat, since hubby LOVES fishing and keeps a boat in Ft. Walton. Adam loves to ride on the front of the boat; this pic was taken through the transom as a sailboat was bearing down on us. Cue the theme music to “Jaws”… du da.. du da du da du da…. ok, not really. No boats OR boys were injured in the making of this photo.
For more beach pics (most of which will include sand, I’m sure, and adorable little ones frolicking in the surf), head on over to I Heart Faces, where, at least this week, life’s a BEACH! :<)

I Heart Faces–Got to Wear Shades

eIMG_1045 seventies

The theme for I Heart Faces this week is “Got To Wear Shades”. I know most of the pics will be summery, silly, and just plain fun. This one? Not quite. But… it has great meaning, and I hope you’ll read to the end. At the end of June, there was a message on Facebook from a dear school friend of mine; her nephew was serving in Afghanistan and had been wounded. He was being airlifted to Germany and his parents were on their way to see him. His mom and aunt both work at our school, and we all lifted up prayers that he would be healed. God chose instead to bring him home, and his body was finally brought here to Georgia. I had the honor and privilege of taking pictures at his funeral, and I have never been prouder to be an American. The photos that I took at the funeral are private and will remain so; they were my love offering to his family. But this picture was taken beforehand, as various groups readied themselves for the task ahead of them. This gentleman is part of the Patriot Guard Riders, a veterans group who escorts our fallen soldiers throughout their final journey home. You can see the reflection of other Patriot Guard Riders in his shades. What a precious gift they give to grieving families; thank you isn’t sufficient for the balm their offering of honor and dignity brings to hurting hearts and souls. Please remember to pray for our soldiers and their families, and never, ever pass up the opportunity to say “Thank you” for the sacrifices that they make on a daily basis.
For more “shades” pics, head over to I Heart Faces and click on the links. But first… please promise me that you’ll stop… right now… and say a prayer for the families of our soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice for each of us. God bless America…

I Heart Faces–Surprise!

eIMG_4978 surprise

I didn’t think I had anything for this week’s contest, but then I remembered this photo shoot with the girls next door. I think I said something about boys… it’s kind of funny to see the difference in their reactions!
For more surprising photos, head on over to I Heart Faces and check out all of the great photos. But first.. surprise me with your great comments…. :<)

It takes all kinds…

e_MG_1929 crop with sig

I wanted to take more pictures of the hummingbirds, so I was sitting quietly in a chair on the back deck. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw movement. I thought maybe a hummer was flying next to me, checking out my camera. But when I carefully turned to look, this strange creature had landed on the arm of the chair next to me. So, I took advantage of the situation and snapped his picture. Don’t know quite what he is, but as far as bugs go, he’s quite the model. He might not be as lovely as a hummingbird, but I’m still glad he dropped in for a portrait!

I really love hummingbirds!

e_MG_1728 with texture crop

I know… I need to find a new subject. But darn it, they’re so hard to capture that when I get a half-way decent picture I have to celebrate! I love this one and may end up framing it. In the middle of the chaos that is the start of the school year, somehow this brings me peace…