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I Heart Faces–Week 39–“Chalk”

eIMG_5438 chalk

The theme this week at I Heart Faces is “chalk”. I love chalk; kids love to write on things, and a bucket of chalk and a driveway gives them the chance to write, draw, scribble, and play to their hearts’ content. My boy and the girls next door have used up a LOT of chalk over the years, often times making “roads” for their bikes or playing games. The little girls have continued the tradition, and hopscotch is a big hit during the lazy summer days. What’s not to love about a cheap art material that even encourages exercise?
Chalk up lots more views of fun pictures over at I Heart Faces, and while you’re at it, grab some chalk and go create a masterpiece!


I Heart Faces Week 38–“Smirk”

e_MG_4489 smirk

Here’s what I Heart Faces has to say about this week’s theme: “A smirk refers to a smile evoking insolence, scorn, or offensive smugness. Whatever you think constitutes a “smirk” on someone’s face will be acceptable for this week’s challenge. We can’t wait to see what you all enter!”

So, I don’t really know quite what a smirk is, but I think that’s what these guys were giving me in this picture. I take a lot of pics at my son’s school and was shooting these boys in “spiritwear” to promote the school store. They patiently followed me all around the school in the blazing mid-morning heat, trying to find a little shade. We discovered this spot by a modular, and they dutifully looked up, down, at each other, smiled, looked serious. And then, suddenly, as I was snapping this shot, they broke out in a “sign”, full well knowing I couldn’t use this one for the promo. See those faces? Smug… yes, I think this just might be a smirk!
For more smirky, smug photos, head over to I Heart Faces and check out my fellow photog friends’ interpretations!

I Heart Faces Week 37–Vroom Vroom!

Chuck on bike

Here’s what I Heart Faces has to say about this week’s theme:
“Adding a vehicle to a portrait session is a fun way to mix things up a bit! This week’s entry should have some kind of vehicle in it (any form of transportation or even a toy!) AND a face. Please make sure a face is clearly showing as well. :)”

I don’t have any slick photos of seniors with their sweet ride. I do have pictures of my boy on his bike and scooter, but by far my FAVORITE “vroom vroom” shot is this one of his dad, stealing a ride on his very first bike. Makes me laugh every time I look at it! It was taken 5 years ago, with a Fugi Finepix. I edited it to soften the background and bring out the subject, and now it makes me laugh even more. Vroom, vroom…go, daddy, go!
For more pics of folks on wheels, head over to I Heart Faces and check out the links. There is so much talent over there.. oh my goodness! Bet there will be some great shots this week; I can’t wait!

The artist

Wow. This is NOT a photo entry. No contest, no pic that I just HAVE to put out there for everyone to see. It’s just something that God laid on my heart, and it seems like it’s been a long time since He’s done that. I had … HAD.. to come down here and type this out before it left me. It happened a while back, but I was turning it over and over in my mind tonight and finally saw what God was trying to get me to see.
Adam was drawing. It was a person, and he had taken a fair bit of time to draw the detail and to make it perfect. In his image and his likeness. It was a boy, and it was good. It was very good. Except that the dog… well, she… ruined it. She did. She was greedy and searching for snacks, and she nosed a book on the table that pushed another book over the drawing, and there was a smudge. Dark, dirty, and, well, just plain ugly.
In the past, the boy would have simply cumpled the paper in disgust and thrown it in the trash. He would probably even have quit drawing, stomping off to do something else. But this time was different. He picked up the paper, and I waited for the outburst and the fury. But instead, he looked at it, and he said “But it’s too good to tear up!”. So he picked up an eraser, and he gently and carefully removed the stains that had ruined the picture. And then, his hand moved over the paper as he restored the image.
It was just tonight that I remembered this vividly; it’s been a while since it happened. At the time, I was just thankful that he had finally learned to control his temper; that he no longer totally destroyed work that frustrated him. But tonight, as I stood in the kitchen washing up the remains of pot roast and potatoes, I realized that God gave me a giimpse of Him. I had been thinking “Why… God, why? Why do you keep bearing with us, instead of simply wiping the Earth clean and starting over?” And then I saw my boy in my mind, peering down at his drawing and seeing that it had been good. It was just smudged; it needed an eraser to take away the blots and make it possible to renew it. Just as God looked at us, and maybe He even considered starting over, but then He said “But it was GOOD… and it can be good again.” And so, the blood of Christ erased the blots and the hand of God has made us very good…again. Thank you, God…

I Heart Faces–Summer 2010 in pictures

This week is a non-competition week at I Heart Faces, and believe me… Amy and Angie DESERVE a week off here and there! Everyone is invited to post their summer shots; I like being able to look back at a time when there was no homework OR alarm clock. Makes me miss the lazy days of summer (and I’m in agreement with my boy.. why can’t summer be 6 months? Why?). Summer was….


Logan and Adam1
my great nephew… precious boy!

e_MG_3151 snuggle
hubby’s great niece… what a gorgeous baby girl…

beach vacations…

riding on the front of the boat…

harry headshot
our buddy Harry the heron

bugs….always bugs…

e_MG_1929 crop with sig

and other critters…

Indiana Toad
(maybe I should have said “bored……”!)


science lesson



Alex, Adam and Daniel

even the four-legged kind….

zoe color

Smokey Joe1


Shadow's eye

sweet blackie


eIMG_0537 color

bombs bursting in air…..


being alone (I do love my quiet time….)

Hook and blanket

and being with nature…


Adam with bass vintage

and most of all, being thankful…..

Flag with Sunflare

for the greatest sacrifice of all….

eIMG_1045 seventies

It’s been quite a summer… for more summer stories, head on over to I Heart Faces and check out my friends!

At least he doesn’t have a frog in his throat…..

e_MG_4182 frog on face