At least he doesn’t have a frog in his throat…..

e_MG_4182 frog on face


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  1. Just taking time to glance through your most recent collection of photos and take a deep breath and enjoy. Coming to your blog is like taking a brief vacation from the cares of the world–just getting to see beauty and light and humor and warmth. Thanks for sharing your special gift.

    And in reference to your comment on Sue’s blog–being neighbors in heaven would be great! Can you imagine the photo opportunities up there??!!



  2. I love this picture so much. I was telling everyone at our picnic about it! You have the BEST ideas! Praying you have a great week at school tomorrow. I hate getting up early too! darn it!


  3. Love this shot. So neat and I love Adams wide eyes


  4. Very cool.


  5. Perfect words to suit this perfect shot! It’s too funny! Gosh, if that was me, I would be freaking out! Hahaha, the photo would not turn out as pretty and beautiful as this one! Nice work 🙂

    Have a happy day..

    K xx


  6. […] wait…. I thought they were green! WhatEVER color they are, my boy has beautiful peepers! This entry was written by Pam D, posted […]


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