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I Heart Faces-PINK Week!

e_MG_7355 trevor PINK entry

Over 200,000 women are diagnosed annually with breast cancer, so maybe 1,700 seems like a really small number of men. But if it’s YOUR man; your husband, your dad, your son, then it’s not insignificant. Women aren’t the only ones who need to be aware of the symptoms of breast cancer; check out this link and make sure that the men in your life know what to look for.
And don’t forget to visit I Heart Faces and check out all of the Pink entries in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I remember last year’s entries; some of them brought me to tears, while others made me laugh. But the power of the picture certainly helped to make me more aware. And many thanks to my handsome model, who knows that real men DO wear pink!


I Heart Faces–Where’s the BEEF????

e_MG_7540 flank steak

This week, the beef is at I Heart Faces! The contest this week is sponsored by, and while it’s all about food, beef is the preferred entre’! To quote IHF:

Beef is versatile, economical and the taste can’t be beat. It sizzles with so many different recipes –whether it’s a tailgating party, an intimate restaurant dinner or a quick family meal, with beef at the center of the plate, everyone will be ready to celebrate! So whip out those tailgating photos, dad at the grill, a chili cook-off or take a photo of your favorite beef recipe. It’s all about food and we want to see how creative you can get with beef. We especially would love to see your mouth watering beef dishes.

If you choose to enter a photo of a beef dish, you don’t have to include a face. All other types of photos, we want to see those faces!

I’m not big on food blogs and food posts. I used to really love to cook, and if digital photography and blogging had been around when I was in my 20’s and 30’s, I’d be a superstar. Now? I just want to get the dishes done so I can rest. :<) I wasn't sure that I'd be able to participate this week, but this evening's meal is flank steak. BEEF!!! And my hubs (aka: The Grillmaster) was happy to provide grill marks and a little flame for effect. I love steak; filet mignon and flank steak are my two favorites. Flank steak isn't as expensive as the high-end cuts, but if it's cooked and prepared correctly, it is every bit as good. I love to marinate it for a couple of hours, let hubby grill it (VERY short grilling time, just a few minutes on each side) and then slice it thin across the grain. It's great sliced over caesar salad or served over rice with sauteed or grilled veggies (I served it tonight with sauteed sliced sweet onions, portobello mushrooms, and red and yellow peppers… yum!).
So if you're looking for the beef, head over to I Heart Faces and check out all of the great entries! I know I’m gonna be looking for some good menu ideas!

Love Your Shot LinkUp–Best Florabella Face shot

e_MG_7027 wm

Love Your Shot has a contest going on right now, and here are the rules:

Your photo must have been taken in the months of September or October, 2010.
Your photo must have at least one face in it.
Add our button in your post. (You can find it at the bottom of our sidebar to the right —>)
Share a tip on how you took your photo or how you processed your photo.
Have FUN!
Contest ends Wednesday at 11:59 p.m. Nothing like scootching in right before the deadline, eh? The kicker is that this contest is being judged by Amy and Angie of I Heart Faces. Wow… who better to judge a face photo contest? Anyway, let’s see with my photo. It was taken yesterday, Oct 4, so check. It has exactly ONE face in it, so .. check. I’ve added the button in the post… check. A tip on how I took my photo? Well, I’ve had my Tamron 18-270 lens on for 3 months. And I finally decided to switch back to my Canon 50mm 1.4. I took it to my boy’s school, and I saw the angel baby preK kiddos sitting in carline. So I went over, knelt down, and started taking pictures. This sweet girl did NOT want to look at my camera after the first smiley shot, but I kept shooting. And I guess that’s my tip; don’t stop just because they aren’t looking at you. This photo was processed in RAW editor and then had levels and curves adjusted. I then used Florabella’s B/W Mink action on it. I adjusted quite a bit up and down, working with contrast, dull pop, vignette, and More Mink til I got it the way I wanted. I love her eyes. LOVE them. Love the whole darn picture about as much as I ‘ve ever loved any face pic that I ‘ve taken. And I love, love, love the B/W Mink action; I’ve done an entire room of 10×14 face pics of kids from our school that hang in the Admissions Office now. Thanks, Shana Rae.. you rock! :<)
Check the other great face pics at Love Your Shot; there are some real stunners. Amy and Angie, I don't envy you at all…. it's gonna be tough.

Portrait lens…looking through His eyes

For my birthday in July, I got a new lens; a Tamron 18-270mm 3.5-6.3. It’s pretty much stayed on my camera for 3 months; I like the ability to stand in one place and frame up a variety of shots. But, my confidence in my ability as a photographer has been eroding, and I finally figured out why yesterday when I put my Canon 50mm 1.4 back on and took a few pictures.

e_MG_7019 Alexander wm

e_MG_7022 wm

e_MG_7016 wm

e_MG_7018 wm

e_MG_7021 wm

e_MG_7028 wm

e_MG_7027 wm

These were snapped off while kneeling under a canopy at carline; no posing, no real time spent, no fancy lighting. This lens blows the Tamron away, and it clarifies to me that if you look through the wrong lens, you cannot get a clear picture. I specifically prayed to God yesterday morning, asking for His guidance as to whether I should continue in photography. I felt a strong urge to change out the lenses, and now I know why. He wanted me to see through HIS eyes, clearly. Not just as a photographer, but as His child… to see things through His eyes is what I desire.
*UPDATE* And wouldn’t you know it; I was looking over this week’s Bible verse for Adam’s school, and the second verse is “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body witll be full of light.” Matthew 6:22. I hear you, God….

Destin in the fall


e_MG_5410 wm

e_MG_5663 wm

e_MG_6040 jellyfish wm

e_MG_5897 sunset rays wm

I really love long summers, but I have to say that being able to go to Destin in late September was nice. The air is less humid, the light is different, and there’s no crowd. At. all. So, while I really prefer not to go to a “balanced school calendar”, I will choose to look for the good in whatever the situation may be. And this…. is very good. :<)