Destin in the fall


e_MG_5410 wm

e_MG_5663 wm

e_MG_6040 jellyfish wm

e_MG_5897 sunset rays wm

I really love long summers, but I have to say that being able to go to Destin in late September was nice. The air is less humid, the light is different, and there’s no crowd. At. all. So, while I really prefer not to go to a “balanced school calendar”, I will choose to look for the good in whatever the situation may be. And this…. is very good. :<)


5 responses to this post.

  1. Very, very good indeed Pam. The pictures of your trip were just scrumptious. I love what you are capturing. You are doing amazing work and I am just so proud and happy to know someday I will be able to say “I knew Pam way back before she was famous!”



  2. I like these pictures.


  3. My precious friend, Pam,

    Thank you for capturing the heart of our God – in little boys with dirty feet, the beauty of a sunset – it all shouts “GLORY!”

    I find peace when I visit…

    With love,

    Pamela Matthews


  4. these are beautiful!


  5. That last shot especially – WHOA!!! Just beautiful!

    Make some time in that special modified school year for some visits with bloggy friends, k? 🙂


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