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My blue eyed boy….

_MG_3680 butterscotch small

But wait…. I thought they were green! WhatEVER color they are, my boy has beautiful peepers!


I Heart Faces-Black and White Landscape

BW Landscape2 lake

I don’t shoot landscapes with an eye for black and white conversion. I tend to focus on the colors that I see, rather than imagining the contrast and texture that black and white would bring. Converting this lake shot to black and white changed the feeling from dreamy to edgier and more mysterious; I think I may try more conversions, because I like what it does! How about you; do you always see your world in living color, or are you a black and white kind of person?
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There’s a hidden lake less than 5 minutes from my house; tucked away at the end of a gravel road within a very busy county park, it’s an oasis of peace. I went there a few days ago, when the sun was on it’s way down and the colors were at their finest. I took pictures of my boy and his friend and of reflections in the lake. I love them all; the light was perfect and the colors were sensational. But for some reason, I love this picture the most. Taken on the far side of the lake, it captures the solitude and peace that I find when I come there. Because the light was so lovely, I only needed to sharpen (using Florabella’s Sharpen and Defog action) and run Pioneer Woman’s “Boost” action at about 40% opacity. Even SOOC, it was a lovely shot. Please linger for a little while longer, lovely leaf color…
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What to my wondering eyes should appear….

_MG_3594 8x10 small

My boy is such a good sport; at almost 11, he trudged outside, put on a silly hat, and lay down in the leaves so I could take a picture. He didn’t really want to, but he did it for me. And he even managed a real smile that sparkled through to his eyes. THAT’S the spirit of Christmas…

I Heart Faces- Silhouettes

e_MG_5548 clone

The theme for the I Heart Faces contest this week is “Silhouettes”. I remember as a child having a silhouette done by an artist. They shined a light across the side view of my face, making a shadow on black paper on the wall. They then cut that paper into a silhouette of my face. It was a perfect likeness, but with no details. In photography, it’s really the same thing; the focal object of the picture is between the camera and the sun in such a way as to block out light. All (or nearly all) detail is lost, yet still, you know what you’re looking at. This picture was taken this fall in Destin, FL. We were on our boat, headed to Crab Island at sunset. I had a split second to grab the shot before we moved out of range; so glad that I got it. AND… so glad that our beloved white sands were spared the devastation that seemed inevitable just a couple of months before.
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Decisions, decisions….

The theme at I Heart Faces for this next week is “Silhouettes”. So, which should I use? I love ’em all…

e_MG_5548 wm
fishing in the surf at Destin…

e_MG_7344 silhouette wm
Sunflare on a photo shoot…

or lake reflections… (looks like they’re on a roller coaster ride!)

Anybody have a favorite?

I Heart Faces-Orange


The theme at I Heart Faces this week is orange. I think I’ve got that covered in this shot. Awesome little man who goes to our school; his personality keeps me smiling!
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