I Heart Faces-Fall Colors

_MG_1100-1 wm

This is a non competition week at I Heart Faces. They’re hosting a workshop this weekend and Amy and Angie are pretty darn busy right now. I can’t wait to see all of the fabulous photos that come out of the workshop; boy, do I wish I could go! Maybe next year….
Anyway, here’s what I Heart Faces is looking for this week:

This means no judged contest, but a week of fun and to share your story. We’d like for you to link up your favorite image of Fall and tell a short story to go along with your photo. Have a favorite fall memory? Where is the prettiest place you’ve been during the fall? How does your photo make you feel? Do you have fall traditions? Your photo does not have to include a face.

I took this pic this weekend. The berries are on a bush at my mom’s house outside of Nashville; I’ve clipped those berries most years at Thanksgiving to take home to decorate for Christmas. Right now, they’re pale yet still lovely; in another month, they’ll be deep red and ready to weave into wreaths and garland. I suppose I could make it easy on myself and just plant one of the bushes at my house in Georgia, but this one was planted by my dad before he died in 1995. I guess it makes me feel like I still have a little part of him with me during the holidays.

For more fall color and stories, head on over to I Heart Faces and visit all of my friends. Happy Fall, y’all….


11 responses to this post.

  1. Really like this.


  2. Precious memory. They are gorgeous berries.

    Take care. xxx


  3. What a beautiful story. Happy fall.


  4. Very pretty. I love the bokeh.


  5. What a beautiful way to have your dad be with you over the holidays. Very sweet. Happy fall Pam.


  6. What a great memory and amazingly beautiful picture!



  7. Very special and beautiful photo!


  8. Love your photo! The DOF is beautiful and I love that hazy bokeh in a contrasting color!

    And the sentiment… nothing better than family!


  9. What a perfect image for fall. I can only imagine the meaning this has for you. Such a touching story.


  10. Posted by Pam on November 1, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    Fantastic shot P2! Been so happy to see you getting out more and more with that camera.


  11. You take the BEST nature pictures EVER! 🙂


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