There’s a hidden lake less than 5 minutes from my house; tucked away at the end of a gravel road within a very busy county park, it’s an oasis of peace. I went there a few days ago, when the sun was on it’s way down and the colors were at their finest. I took pictures of my boy and his friend and of reflections in the lake. I love them all; the light was perfect and the colors were sensational. But for some reason, I love this picture the most. Taken on the far side of the lake, it captures the solitude and peace that I find when I come there. Because the light was so lovely, I only needed to sharpen (using Florabella’s Sharpen and Defog action) and run Pioneer Woman’s “Boost” action at about 40% opacity. Even SOOC, it was a lovely shot. Please linger for a little while longer, lovely leaf color…
For more favorite shots, head over to Love That Shot and visit the linkups. What was YOUR favorite shot from the past week?


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  1. oh pretty! πŸ™‚ I love it!


  2. Beautiful Shot! Nicely done!


  3. I just love all the pretty fall colors and I sure hate to see them go! What a beautiful picture, Pam!


  4. I love it so much Pam. I don’t know what my favorite shot from this week was. It has been rainy and dreary and honestly, for the first time in a long time I didn’t feel compelled to shoot every day. I pushed through though because taking pictures is like magic to me. It lifts my mood instantaneously!


  5. *love* the colors! Fall’s pretty much done here showing off her pretty colors.


  6. Fall colors are the greatest!! I miss living back east where the colors are breathtaking! Here in Idaho they’re all about the same…


  7. So beautiful. Living in Florida we don’t get to see the changes of the leaves. We have however traveled north the last couple of years and got to see the changes. But this year we missed it. Lovely shot….reminded me of my trips up north. πŸ™‚


  8. Love the peaceful appreciation this picture brings. It’s like some lovely light being embraced by those lacy leaves – just really stunning!


  9. Divine colours, so serene. Beautiful shot!


  10. Beautiful. The colours are nothing short of amazing. Wonderful work πŸ™‚

    K xx


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