First time for everything

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Since Adam was 2, we’ve made gingerbread houses or trains or nativities (said it before and I’ll say it again here; I will never do that again. Adam wanted to eat the cookies after we made them, and there is something very wrong about biting the head off of baby Jesus. Amen). But this year marked a milestone; Adam decorated this house all by himself. I knew that if I sat there, I would give in to temptation and at least “suggest” if not outright take over. So, I stayed in the room but did my own thing while he decorated. I know there won’t be too many more years for this boy to feel “cool” about decorating a gingerbread house, so I’m going to squeeze every “moment” out of it while I can. We still need to do the “Polar Van Express“; Cheewee needs to hurry up and bring us our golden ticket! Big plans for tonight; we have tickets for “Ovo”, the bug-themed Cirque du Soleil show. We had tickets several weeks ago, but my father in law fell, and we ended up spending the evening in the emergency room with him. Which makes THESE tickets, paid for twice now, quite possibly the most expensive ever for us. Please, please let my father in law stay seated and safe this evening so we can make it to the show!


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  1. Oh my goodness Pam! Ovo sounds so wonderful! I love that you have all these adventures. Soak every minute of the child like up because before we blink our eyes, our babies will be all grown up!

    Praying for your Father in law. Love you. Becky


  2. Looks like Adam has inherited his mother’s artistic talent! And kudo’s to you for removing yourself from the scene (thereby short circuiting the temptation to make helpful suggestions) and letting him fly solo.

    YOu’re a great mom!



  3. oh I hope you enjoy the show — I love cirque du soleil! :-)And that gingerbread house turned out great!


  4. Love this!

    And he did marvelous!

    I gave up on gingerbread after the last recipe was ridiculously moist and “the walls came a tumblin’ down”…

    Have fun on your Polar Van Express!


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