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I Heart Faces–Best Face Picture for January

Best face for January-IHF

This is it… I have taken hundreds, if not thousands, of photos already this month. But this photo just grabs me… these boys are buddies, and there ain’t no doubt about it! No fake smiles or blank stares.. no “pouts”…. just real friends on the playground, happy to be free of the boundaries inside, if only for a few minutes.
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I Heart Faces-Innocent Wonder

_MG_7235 ihf

“Wonder is the beginning of wisdom” ~Greek Proverb


This beautiful little girl is the fourth of five, and she’s holding the new baby who has taken her “spot”. I “wonder” what she’s thinking? She doesn’t seem to be jealous; she’s just filled with wonder at how tiny and perfect he is (and how QUIET he is when he’s sleeping… lol!). It truly is WONDER-full to look at the face of a sleeping newborn…
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I Heart Faces–Winter Wonderland

_MG_0824 winter scene

Only a blanket of snow can transform a field of weeds into a Winter Wonderland…..

I always struggle with choices when it’s contest time. Close up? Posed shot? Girly and pretty, or gritty boy shot? But this one just clicked for me. This is our next door neighbor’s field. His wife passed away in 2003, and he died in 2009. His son comes over to mow the front yard and keep the place in shape, but this field, which used to be so lovingly plowed and harvested as a huge garden by Mr. Howard, has grown into a mess of weeds. Until we got 6 inches of snow last week (the most my boy has EVER seen at one time). In looking at this picture, all that keeps running through my mind are the words underneath the picture. I suppose that it’s the perfect visual for being “washed as white as snow”…

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I Heart Faces–Smile!

e_MG_7019 Alexander amber

I Heart Faces turns two this week; can you believe it? Next month will be the two year mark for me, and there haven’t been many missed weeks, either. When I look back at my first entry and then look at where I am now, I just want to wrap my arms around I Heart Faces (i.e. Amy and Angie) and give them a great big (((hug)))!  I may not be great, but I’m certainly better than I was.

The theme this week is “Smile”, and that’s a perfect fit for celebrating IHF’s birthday.  They’ve made me and a million others smile in a million different ways over the past two years.  THIS smile photo is one of my favorites; my little friend’s tooth came out just a day or so later.  That smile, with or without his front teeth,  brightens my day whenever I see it!   This week’s contest is guaranteed to make YOU smile, so make sure to check out the other entries.  Happy Birthday, I Heart Faces!!

I Heart Faces-Favorite Face Picture of 2010

This is my first blog post of 2011, and my first post in a couple of weeks. Since the majority of my posts last year were I Heart Faces contest entries, it seems appropriate that my first post this year should be one as well. The theme this week is Best (human) Face Photo of 2010. After looking back through countless shots of my boy, our friends, and all that I’ve shot, this photo just stands out for me. I love the light, I love her expression, and I love the processing. I know there will be some amazing photos entered, so once you’ve left me a little love, head on over to I Heart Faces and check out everyone else’s favorites!

e_MG_7027 wm