I Heart Faces–Smile!

e_MG_7019 Alexander amber

I Heart Faces turns two this week; can you believe it? Next month will be the two year mark for me, and there haven’t been many missed weeks, either. When I look back at my first entry and then look at where I am now, I just want to wrap my arms around I Heart Faces (i.e. Amy and Angie) and give them a great big (((hug)))!  I may not be great, but I’m certainly better than I was.

The theme this week is “Smile”, and that’s a perfect fit for celebrating IHF’s birthday.  They’ve made me and a million others smile in a million different ways over the past two years.  THIS smile photo is one of my favorites; my little friend’s tooth came out just a day or so later.  That smile, with or without his front teeth,  brightens my day whenever I see it!   This week’s contest is guaranteed to make YOU smile, so make sure to check out the other entries.  Happy Birthday, I Heart Faces!!


8 responses to this post.

  1. Love his smile and his new teeth! He is a cutie pie!


  2. Love those freckles!


  3. Oh so cute! Love that red hair & freckles! Nice job on an extreme close up!


  4. Oh Pam, he’s just precious. You are so gifted. I love your passion too. I’m sure those girls over at I ♥ Faces just adore you!


  5. Wow. He is a doll. That little dimple and those freckles. So precious. What a great photo!


  6. This little guy is the quintessential red head with those freckles and sparkly eyes–great capture!


  7. Gorgeous.


  8. He is precious! Just look at that grin all the way up to his eyes!


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